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The San Francisco and San Jose Bay Area Poker Meetup Group

Welcome to the SF Meetup group, organized by Bert. We welcome all players experienced or not. This group is for people who love to play the game of poker in a non-threatening atmosphere while meeting new people.

The Poker Nazi's Game

Welcome to the Poker Nazi's home league. ---- Players compete for points over a season's worth of tournaments. First place in each tournament gets the same number of points as there are players in the tournament, last place gets 1 point. Rebuys penalize you 4 points, and each bounty you get is worth 1 point. ---- Saturday deeeeep stack tournaments are worth double points!

Vancouver Poker Tour

This brand new league in the Vancouver area welcomes players of all skill levels. Our goal is to create a fun environment in which players compete for tournament prizes as well as entry into the end-of-the-season free roll tournament. Contact the league administrator for more information.

Huggins Poker

Milpitas Area Poker Group

Welcome! Meet local poker faces and test your hand against us in Texas Hold'em low-stakes tournaments and cash games. This group is for people who love to play the game of poker in a non-threatening atmosphere while meeting new people. You must be 21 or older to join.

PokaPowa Donkey Club

Just our monthly home game...


this is a league set up for SAT/FRI and holiday CASH/TOURNEYS in fremont. acceptance is done only if the player is well known and participated in a tourney with one of the fellow players that I know well and trust thus ensuring no fishy situations.

3rd Saturday - Cherry Hill

Friendly game for fun and laughs. $20 buy-in. NL Texas-holdem. Target time 3.5 hours. 1 point for KO position (ex. if you are KO'd 1st you get 1 point, if you are KO'd 2nd you get 2 points, and so on). Extra1/2 point per person you KO. Championship in November. December off. Sometimes there is a second $10 game (does not count toward championship points)

Gold Rush Buddies

The Sacramento Area poker fans

Mountan View Poker

Home Game Lets see what happens


Coachella Valley Poker Superstars


Season 2 is starting and games are now on Monday nights on Full Tilt at 8:00!

Huck Finn River

Caps Poker League

ACT poker

Stac Series Of POker

Elwood Poker League

La Ligue des 3 AS

Northern Michigan Poker League

This is a Texas Hold em Poker league created by Peter O'Toole to help promote charity poker rooms in Northern Michigan.

D3 League


Bull Park Poker League

The Bull Park poker League

Liverpool Poker League


We host a home game twice a month on average, around every two weeks. The game is a $55 NL Hold`em Buyin Tournament. We pay the top 4 or 5 places, depending on the amount of entries. Our group swings between 20-30 players averaging out at 26. We have some very good players, some wanna-be pros, some amateurs, some that have no clue what they are doing (and usually take down huge pots), and mostly average players.

Pine City Hall Monthly Game

Morrison Casino Resort and Spa

Lenny's Garage

We have a group of 24-30 year old guys who like to get together and play poker Friday nights from around 9:30pm until the early hours of Saturday

Palm Valley Community Center

FAD Poker League

Rick's House Poker Nights

Do or Die League

Provo Donks

Faux's thursday homies

San Jose Poker Club

NW Sin City Poker League

NW Sin City Poker league will be hosting at least one home game per week. Most weeks will have multiple tournaments. Most poker tournaments will be NL texas hold'em. Buy-ins will very tournament to tournament from 5$ to 35$. All types of tournaments will be used from knockouts, bountys, freezeouts, and re-buy+add-ons. All players are welcome to request different types of tournaments to be played and will be able to invite guest and bring friends to join the league. Call (702)624-3840 and ask for Derek-League manager for further details.

poker tuesday


Kayaking Poker League

??5 in game of poker on Wednesday nights at a kayakers house. Organized by Finn Mainstone

2010 WSOP Satellite Tournaments


Jammer Time

Chesterfield Poker Players

know when 2 foldem

Baltoi Poker Tour

Ycarlos Home Game

damionkline's league

Jack Deuce is the Nuts

Harrisburg Poker League



Gator Blood Poker Club

Teddy KGB: "Hanging around, hanging around. Kid's got alligator blood. Can't get rid of him." ("Rounders", 1998)

WNC Poker


KT Hotel Casino


G Spot Poker League

bid_ raise_fold_poker

Kung Fu Poker Club

Triple B Poker

Citrus Heights, Ca - Poker League, Monthly Games.


kens home league

Pokerclub Showdown

Pokerclub Showdown offene Vereinsmeisterschaft



CALL RAISE FOLD Is the only Bar poker league in Southern California where you can play your cards any way you like. with no fear of being chastized or bullied by anyone for your play. many locations , earn points got to the quarter finals and win a sponsership to local Wsop or casino tournaments.

Copperwood Poker Tour


Friday Night

Nevada Ladie's Poker Leauge

Southwest poker league

TNC Tuesday League

IPP Pavia

Etapa Series of Poker


Smokin Aces Poker Tour

Host poker charity tournaments for Foundation Fighting Blindness. First event is June 13, in Miami, FL. Event starts at noon and the winner receives a World Series Of Poker main event seat. Go to to register!

The Super Sunday League

Rab's New Poker league

Summer 2010

This is a casual poker league with a 10 player limit. Season is 12 weeks long - two league games played every other Saturday night. The buy-ins total $20 per week for the two league games.

Wednesday Night Poker League

Wednesday Night Poker League at Nicoles House in Parklands. Just a small social gathering with a small buy-in. Really just an excuse to get together and have a couple of drinks. Most of the players are at novice level so you dont have to feel pressured.

Utah County Poker Championships

Full Throttle

Kerry's Southern County League

Texas Hold-em with a few modifications for new and beginning Players. Semi weekly Games with a $5.00 Buy-in and short blind periods. Usually played on every other Sunday and have three Games. This is for People who want to learn and enhance their game.

my league


Poker Masters Club


WELCOME to the BAD BEAT CIRCUIT QLFR to Harveys Lake Tahoe in November. GOOD LUCK

Eagon Poker League

5 week poker league with a 6th final night 20 $per week 20$ league fee (goes to final) 6:45 starting time starts Oct 22 every other sat Oct 22,Nov 5,Nov 19,Dec 3,FRIDAY!!Dec 16 final Dec 31 6:45 DEC 16

The Fountain

Monday Night Amvets

Sneaky's Poker


$100 BUY-IN + $10 ENTRY FEE (5000 CHIPS) $50 RE-BUY (5000 CHIPS) $50 ADD-ON (7500 CHIPS)

Taber Poker Tour II



Rackem Holdem

Free Poker League, Specials on drafts, Home of the Sassy Bomb 2 Tournaments Every Thursday, 8:15pm and 10:30pm

WSOP Any Two Card Poker League

WSOP $1500 Satalite League

Zippomann's Poker League

POker Sikor


Home garage game, $20 tournaments with $5 knock out bounties. Cash game afterwards, .25/.50 blinds, max $50 buy in.

5 Tells Poker League

another test

United Nations

Avalon league

Nice People's Poker Club


Single Table Texas No Limit Hold Em Tournament. $100 Buy IN with no re-buys. We will play Wednesday nights, starting time will be 7pm.

St Clements WMC Poker League

Humboldt Poker League



AZ Five Star Poker League



The Good The Bad and The Ugly Poker League


Tacoma Donkfest

Champaign IL

UGA Poker Tour

BIG M Poker Social Club

Poker Players ! ” Like many other avid poker players, over the last few years we have engaged in many home poker tournaments. A social, non profit gathering of friends & new players along the way have experienced many hours of good old fashion fun ! In 2010, I decided to get organised & produce a structured calendar of events for everyone to enjoy & thus the…” ” Twenty Ten *All In* Poker Tour “ was established. ~ BIG M Poker Social Club ~ ………………Poker All Year Long !……………… ………………Every Year !………………

Dueces Wild

Corinth Wed. Night Poker

St. John's Home Game

Home game that happens every Saturday night in the St. John's Forest community. This page is to help organize the game, determine where it will be held and whether cash game or tournament will be played that night. In addition, tournament results will be kept here as well as points for the end of year freeroll.

ISPC Satellite

Tournament set up amongst several Indianapolis Poker Groups to send a small handful of player to the Indiana Stater Poker Championship on 8/20/2011


10 players

Rubber City Poker Club


Shock's East Valley Poker League

A poker league for players of all types!

Conos Poker Room

Club Pokeristi Anonimi

The Nelson Tinpot Pokerface League

bobbie poker tournament

Cajun Poker

Dungeon Poker Tour

Mission – send a player to the WSOP Main Event. Almost every poker player dreams of doing this but how many of us have actually accomplish that on our own? Even if our bankroll reached and exceeded the 10K needed to enter; how many of us would actually make that sacrifice and part with 10K? I believe we can make that happen without taking 10k from your bankroll. Details for this journey are posted at all games and can also be requested via email. (

Tailgaters Poker League - Gilbert, AZ

We play No-Limit Texas Holdem' every Sunday night at Tailgater's Bar & Grill in Gilbert at 7pm. Free to play. Cash to the winner!

Dave's Cash Game in Redwood City

Lightning Strikes Poker


Texas -hold-em

Prinlaws Sunday League

Prinlaws Thursday League

League runs for 24 weeks and it's the best 14 games that count towards the League with Final Game on Sunday 28th September. Top 3 in the League are paid.

Fife Series Of Poker

Pipe Dream Posse

Guido´s House Poker Tournament

alibi's poker league

Snooker Club

Cartes Club des Acadien

august free roll


TC Poker Tour

The Okies League

Glenrothes Snooker Club

Charlotte Poker Club

Joker Poker

Doc Holliday's Poker Challenge

South East Championship Poker

South East Championship Poker (SECP) is a place for fun competitive league style poker tournaments. We will be playing once a month. We will be keeping track of your finish VIA a point system. (see below in rules)

Xmas Poker Tour

Tapera do Bugio Series Of Poker

Temporada TBOSP 2013, com 12 etapas mensais, disputadas sempre nas primeiras quintas-feiras de cada mês, pontualmente às 19:30.

NOCO Poker

BIPA 2013

Bluebell Poker League

A friendly Doncaster based poker league, playing twice a week a the Bluebell pub in Hatfield. New members always welcome.

Mottram/Singer Poker League

Friendly tourney for anyone from complete beginners to those who think they know what they are doing!

The Road To Genting

League Awesome

East Valley Poker League

Just a fun game once a month.

TNPL St Anne's Rock Ferry

1850 Classic

Friday night game.


Jayrays poker league


Welcome the the new poker league!

WSOP Farm League

Lucky Break

Mountain Donk Poker Crew

Our own home grown true to life poker donks based in Southern Vermont play hard and fast to win it all!

Hawts Poker League

For members of hawt to come and play poker!

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous was designed as a monthly Texas Hold'em tournament with 12 month seasons. At the end of the season there will be a free roll tournament for the top ten placers during the season. Tournaments are typically held on the 3rd Saturday of each month excepting certain holidays and special events. League players will be ranked throughout the year based on where they placed in each tournament. At the end of 12 months the top ten will automatically be entered into our annual free-roll tournament. We are currently in the building phase so feel free to invite any players that wish to participate. League administrators: Dominic Weiler (714) 342-7769 Timothy Stevens (619) 318-5654

Logan boys


This league was designed as a monthly Texas Hold'em tournament with 12 month seasons. At the end of the season there will be a free roll tournament for the top ten placers during the season. We are currently in the building phase so feel free to invite any players that wish to participate. League administrators: Dominic Weiler (714) 342-7769 Timothy Stevens (619) 318-5654

The Fish Bowl


Lincoln park home poker league

Poker League of Champions

Ryde Social Club Poker League

Wednesday Night Poker - for those who want to enjoy a friendly game of poker with an outside chance of having a free evening out, (if you win)...

Big Poppa's Poker League

High Elite Rolling Poker Extreme S*T*A*R*S

Winchester Poker League

Sunday Special

Bell st Poker

2013/14 1st Annual Poker Douchery

Brig Tavern Friday Night Poker

Poker Friends

The Yanks

the yankys

Off-Suit Poker-Club

Kwaj Poker Nuts

Poker Fun for every one. come prepared for a crazy poker night. expect comments on your mom, your ethnic background, sexual preference of anything else under the sun. most of all come ready to have some fun :)

Poker Liga 2013/2014

WSP $300 buy in

Kings Of Poker K.O.P.

Welcome to K.O.P. Series,

We are going to have a tournament once a month at my house. We will try to change the tournaments around such as starting chip, turbo tournaments, no rebuys, no add ons, bounty, ect. We also will be taking 1/5 of the pot and put into a the prize pool for the "main event tournament" that will run every 6 months. We will have a point system for the whole series of tournaments. The point system and payout system will run like so...

Payouts (after we take the 1/5 out of the pot for the main event)

1st = 50% 2nd = 30% 3rd = 20%

this is the point system and its based off what place you come in and how many people are in every tournament.

EXAMPLE: 15 entrys

1st. = 15pt 2st. = 14pt. 3rd. = 13pt. 4th. = 12pt. 5th. = 11pt. 6th. = 10pt. 7th. = 9pt. 8th = 8pt.

The reason for the points system is because when we get to the Main Event tournament, The person with the most point will get a free buy-in for the tournament, 2nd will pay haft, and 3rd will get 10 dollars off.

Poker Miami

Woooo hooooo tang

Old School Poker Tour

The Con Club Poker League

Beth Shalom

Mountain Donk Poker League

The Thursday Night Game

5th Street Poker League

Primetime Poker Philadelphia

Trofeo del Mazapegul

Torneio CAP - 2014

Fishers Poker Series

WELCOME TO THE NEW HOME OF THE FISHERS POKERS SERIES! We have 12 tournaments, 4 cash games (no points), and a champions tourney at the end of each season. For detailed rules and explanations of the structure of our league please see the rules section. Currently the bad beat jackpot is $1000.

Heritage Poker League

Proper Gangster Tripping Poker League

Footscray Poker League


poke her on Sunday


Poker Nazi's

Pit club poker league

Pit Club Poker League

Pit Club Poker League 2014 (test season)

Taking place at the Hatfield Main Pit Club in Stainforth, the PCPL will result in a grand final tournament every Xmas which will determine who is the champion!


Liga PokerKlub 2 | 10 Jogos + 1 grande final. (pote acumulado final: 250) Campeão- peter alves

Good Luck All-In Poker League

Nice Pants Poker Tour

Chorley Pro

Liga UTG PokerKlub 3º EDIÇÃO (clicka para ver a geral)

3ª Liga UTG POKER KLUB REGULAMENTO & INFO DISPONÍVEL NO GRUPO U.T.G.POKER KLUB DO FACEBOOK NA SECÇÃO ''FICHEIROS''. Potes acumulados: 10 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 10 + 15 + 10 + 15 + 10 !130 TOTAL


Sleepy Hour Poker Club

Summer London League

The Drivers League


Women's Poker League

Fun and social women's group in the San Fernando Valley/LA area

Kings Club Poker League

MSU Poker Club

Dempster House League

Cape Cod Poker Club

Cape Cod Poker Club+

The Clc poker League

First Street Card Club


#SeganPro is an online league that conducts tournaments and keeps track of the points to send players to WSOP.