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  1. 2011-07-23 17:00:47

    Main Event #12... my final hand

    So... I'm at the final table, WSOP event #12, currently the short stack. I get dealt As4s in the BB, I had about 10 BB at this point. The cutoff raises 2.5x (loose aggressive player, opens regularly), button flat calls (respectable player, tight aggressive), small blind calls, now to me...

    I'm not sure that A4 is the best hand here... should I push or just call? Should I play conservative and take a flop or try and take the dead money with a squeeze here.

    I ended up calling the flop came 2s Ks 8d. Small blind checks... I of course push with on over card and the nut flush draw. KdJs calls me on the botton and I miss all 12 outs.

    My real question here is what I should have done pre-flop...

    also if someone could tell me how to get the card images in the text I'd appreciate it.

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  2. 2011-07-23 16:25:24

    Little about me..

    I'm no pro, there is a lot of room to improve on my game, but I've been very successful. Not kabillions of dollars successful but statistically, really successful. I've been playing since 2007 competitively, at the end of 2007 I was ranked in the top 2000 by I've played the WSOP (non-main event) three times, in those three times I've made the final table once. I'm looking for feedback on hands and other feedback on poker related topics as I climb the poker mountain. This seems like a great site, just found it today. I have never blogged anything, so please forgive my ignorance, and any etiquette or blogging protocols I miss, please feed that back to me.

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