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  1. 2009-06-22 01:07:52

    2009 WSOP Main Event Satellites - WOW

    Chad has been messing around with the PokerStars satellites to WSOP. There are a lot of ways to get in cheaply and have a shot at playing at the main event. Chad has done pretty well playing in some of the smaller satellites, but hasn't made it into any of the big games. We decide to spend the day trying to do just that, and we did :)

    I still had $60 in my PokerStars account from when Tony gave me the $11 to play in the record-breaking tournament a while back. We stuck our money into various $7, $8, and $11 satellites. We busted out of a few but got in the top 14 out of 100 in one of the $7, which qualified us for a $215 Shoot-Out with 81 players and a first-prize winner-take-all of a main event seat. It was actually pretty easy... we folded a lot, shoved a lot, and sooner or later didn't get unlucky.

    Shortly after that my cousin Adam arrived, so the three of us plus my roommate Garrett were all working the table.


    We folded a lot and finally got and somehow got it all in with 3 other people: , , . We tripled up and we didn't realize it was a shoot-out until we were playing 4-way and the tables weren't being balanced. We changed out strategy to win the table and managed to get heads up as a 3-to-1 underdog. For whatever reason, our opponent folded every small blind and every time we raised, so we got closer to 2-to-1 and woke up with . We raise, he shoved, and we called and made it was to change the chip lead to a 2-to-1 favorite for us. The very next hand we had and he had and we advanced to the final table.

    At this point we couldn't believe we had a 1/9 chance of winning the seat. We buckled down and tried to concentrate on how everybody played. Jeff (weezermoo) suggested that many of the players would be playing pretty tight, so we should figure out who that was and take advantage of it.

    The blinds were reset to 10/20 and the stacks were set to 1500. It was a turbo tournament, so blinds went up every 5 minutes.

    We limped early with , , and but missed each time. We stole some blinds with decent hands, and re-raised from late position with to win another pot. A couple players dropped out and we were 6 away from the seat!

    We started the hand with about 1500. The blinds were 50/100 and we opened a pot to 300 with from middle position when one player (the chip leader) limped. We raised and he called. He had been playing fairly loose to get his chip lead, so with 750 in the pot and 1200 in our stack, we were ready to commit our chips if we hit. The flop was . The player bets into us for 500, and so we ship it in with our top-pair, next-to-top-kicker and gut-shot draw. He thought for a bit and called withi ! The turn was and the river was , of course :(


    We managed to get 14th in a 150+ person $11 satellite and qualified for a $109 seat-winning tournament that will start in an hour or so. Wish us better luck this time :)

    Posted by Jason M at 2009-06-22 01:07:52

Comments on “2009 WSOP Main Event Satellites - WOW”

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    • is that really against the rules? i guess that makes sense. i had never really thought about it because there always seems to be multiple people in the room doing other stuff while i'm playing. good thing to keep in mind.

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    • be careful with these posts it is not something you want the sites to get word of because its in the rulles for it not to happen just a thought though i wouldny mind participating in any live railbirding of someone playing online 2 or more heads are always better than one

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    • I like how you guys get together in a group and play. I think thats a great way to help each other strategically when you can talk hands and situations out real time.

      There nothing worse than getting sucked out by the "chip leader". that crap aint fair. Hopefully he didn't end up taking it down. Nice work on the $650 finish.

      Great read!

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    • What a post you would of had a great shot of winning that seat holy moly man loved the post very drama filled.

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    • Yeah, that sucks. We would have been chip leader with only 6 players left between us and the seat. Pretty lame to get sucked out like that.

      Captcha: finally a really good one: A2A5!

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    • I played in one of them satellites too. 4000fpps and top 6 get a seat out of 759 ppl. I have about 64K in chips and I have AA in early position. Blinds are 400-800. I raise it 2000, 2 callers. I flop a set with 2 spades on the board, I bet 7200. Fold and the other guys All in with 35K over my raise. How do I fold here?

      Shows 10, 6 of spades. Rivers a fucking Flush. I would be 2nd in chips and had a real shot with only 42 ppl left. There goes my seat :-(

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    • This just in: I checked my cash balance and expected to see the paltry $4, but it turns out we won $650 for getting 7th! Nice :D