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  1. 2009-04-30 06:45:59

    A Poker Movie I Forgot to Watch - Deal

    I recently watched the movie "What Happens in Vegas" (which was funny). One of the trailers on the DVD was for the movie "Deal", which stars none other than Burt Reynolds (among others).

    Did I happen to mention the others include Shannon Elizabeth? I met her twice. Once was with Galen at the best place to eat in the world: Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian. She was sitting across from us. The other time was while she was playing in event #48 in the 2008 WSOP. She was kneeling on her backwards-turned chair with her butt in the air.

    Did I happen to mention that by "meeting" Shannon Elizabeth I meant we kind of looked at her and talked about her? Yeah.

    Anyway, back to the storyline. The music and rhyme are designed to make you have a good time. Props to Graham for getting that reference, I'm sure. Anyway, here we go: Has anybody seen this movie? I think I need to see it, just for fun, even though I'm sure it will be ... okay, at best.

    Did anybody see "The Grand"? Funny stuff :) (And Shannon Elizabeth again!) I liked that one, but I'm not much of a movie connoisseur.

    I'm putting "Deal" on my Blockbuster queue and will report back.

    Posted by Jason M at 2009-04-30 06:45:59

Comments on “A Poker Movie I Forgot to Watch - Deal”

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    • Ah yes, it is time for me to report back. Wow, this movie was not so good. The only redeeming quality (and I mean only) is that Shannon Elizabeth was in it and wasn't always fully clothed. Really, that's it. The poker sucked, the storyline was predictable, and did I mention the poker sucked? :(

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    • The Deal is one of the worst movies ever... and even for a poker movie it is truly awful... The Grand is Academy material compared to The Deal.