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  1. 2009-01-28 06:35:34

    San Mateo County Poker Bust Wrap-Up

    It's been over a year since the fateful San Mateo County Poker Bust. I was looking over my blog drafts tonight, and realized I never really summarized the repercussions of what went down.

    Here is the standard slanted summary from the San Mateo Daily Journal.

    For those of us who can read between the lines, here's the real summary...

    On January 12, 2008, Bert was arrested and charged with nine misdemeanor counts of fraudulently obtaining money under false pretenses and for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Trish was arrested and charged for two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    As it turns out, the DA didn't want to go to trial (because he couldn't win), so he offered a settlement. Bert pleaded no contest to illegal gambling (and was fined $3,500) and Trish pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace (and was fined $1,159). They both received 18 months court probation.

    As you can see, the end result of this 3-month investigation (and tons of tax-payer money, including the entry fees they lost to me hahahahhahhh) was no-contest pleas to drastically reduced charges and fines. What exactly did the police and DA accomplish, aside from screwing some good people over for a while? I don't know... I guess people can park a bit easier. Seems like the long way around.

    BTW, if you've ever wondered what happens to your things when they get taken in for evidence, I'll let you in on a secret: your things get destroyed and lost. I heard the police put gigantic evidence stickers on all of the table felt and the sticky residue could not be removed. Additionally, multiple chairs and poker chips were missing. I'm sure the police needed some more poker chips for their home games...

    So, if you ever get busted for a standard home poker game that isn't really doing anything wrong, get a good lawyer and don't sweat it too much. And more importantly, the next time you get a chance to vote for a sheriff or district attorney, make sure you make an informed decision. Turns out San Mateo County could have done a better job...

    Posted by Jason M at 2009-01-28 06:35:34

Comments on “San Mateo County Poker Bust Wrap-Up”

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    • sorry about ruining your night, teresa :p are you coming to vegas in february??!? march??

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    • yeah... it was so unfortunate. everyone who was there was really nice and didn't deserve it

    • anonymous
    • I just read all of this and what happened... you've got to be kidding! Here in the Couv', we had weekly tourneys - $20 buy in and $5 of it went to the main pot for our end of the season free roll. Sounds like this could be considered taking a rake? Can't have imagined being cuffed and taken away for this. Don't know all involved but very sorry this happened, hope it all worked out ok in the end.

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    • jason!!! lol that was horrible!

      last night i was playing with some friends and I had AJh and the flop was AJx rainbow, so I went all-in with like 2,500 with blinds 200-400 and this chick called me (she had like 4,000 total) with KQ. I knew the 10 was coming, I just knew it, and it did.. on the river, that's much worse than your hand hahaha. but that was a really good game at trish's and you ruined my night lol jk sort of

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    • yeah, seems like just yesterday :/ i bumped into andre last night at the ocean view card room (how lucky, right?) and we had a good talk about all the baloney. we miss the good ol' days... especially the flush draw made on the river! heheheh. sorry, t!

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    • oh wow jan 12 it's been over a year! i remember it clearly, it was so scary and just ridiculous

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    • what a load of crap.
      I think they need to have another poker game at there house
      A Legal one of course.
      I would hope that my neibours would have the balls to take there complants up with me. & not be chicken shit.

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    • Thanks Alan, I am fixing that right now :) The "investigation" must have began 11/15.

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    • Jason, Thanks for the summary. It's very disappointing that two fine people were harassed to this extent. By the way, for clarification purposes, the date of the raid and when Bert & Trish were arrested was January 12, 2008, not November 15, 2008.