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  1. 2008-12-08 22:55:56

    King of Kong

    Okay, so this isn't totally related to poker. In fact, it's not really related at all. Except I like poker and I like classic arcade games.

    My friend Graham recommended this movie to me a long time ago. I liked it. It's a documentary on some "high profile" world record attempts at Donkey Kong. There are a lot of awesome one-liners ("Don't get chumpatized") and some colorful characters ("Mr. Awesome"). It's a whole different world... Probably much like the poker community LOL.

    Good stuff. Check it out! Thanks, Graham :D

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  2. 2008-11-23 01:09:48

    WSOP 2008 Main Event Final Table Trivia

    Hey everybody, here is some random trivia that fellow PokerSoup-er FloppyKim sent me. I hope you enjoy it. For the record, I was rooting for Demidov :)

    Photo courtesy of "ImageMasters DPI"

    • The 2008 World Series of Poker champion is Peter Eastgate, from Odense, Denmark. Eastgate is a 22-year-old professional poker player. He was born in Denmark and is a Danish citizen. However, he spends much of his time in London (UK) playing poker.
    • First-place paid $9,152,416 in prize money ??? the second-highest poker payout in history.
    • Eastgate's win instantly vaults him up in second place on the WSOP all-time money winners' list. Only 2006 world champion Jamie Gold has won more prize money, at $12,067,092.
    • With Eastgate's win, foreign-born players have now won 6 of the last 11 world championships (Nguyen, Furlong, Mortensen, Hachem, Yang, and Eastgate).
    • Eastgate became the youngest WSOP Main Event champion in history. He was aged 22 years, 10 months, and 28 days at the time of his victory. This smashed the previous record by nearly two years. The previous record was held by Phil Hellmuth, Jr. who was aged 24 years, 10 months, and 5 days at the time of his victory in 1989.
    • "I do not think I have realized yet what a big moment this is. It will come the next days and weeks. I expect I will get emotional about it later. But not as much now." ??? Peter Eastgate following his victory
    • Eastgate says he plans to go with his parents on a vacation after his victory. "I love my parents," he said. "I want to treat them as I have always treated them ??? with love and respect."
    • Eastgate admitted to being only a break even player during the first two years he turned pro.
    • Eastgate said he bought into the Main Event with cash. He did not qualify via a satellite.
    • Final table play officially started at 11:08 am. The first day ended 13 hours and 27 minutes later, at 12:35 am.
    • Continuation of the final table resumed at 10:34 pm the following night, and officially ended at 2:36 am. Hence, the combined length of the finale clocked in at 15 hours and 39 minutes. This broke the previous record for the longest WSOP Main Event final table, which took place in 2005 (won by Joe Hachem). The previous record was 14 hours. Note: Dinner breaks are excluded from time official records.
    • The final table lasted 278 hands. More than a third of the hands were played heads up.
    • Both days/nights attracted capacity crowds. One-time attendance was estimated at 1,065 given the number of seats inside the arena. However, many different spectators rotated through the arena over duration of the two day competition. The actual number of spectators who saw at least some portion of the WSOP final table live this year is estimated at about 3,000. This was the largest crowd ever to watch a poker game of any kind, in a live setting.
    • For the first time in poker history, a tournament blind reached the 1,000,000 mark. Level 39 was reached, meaning the big blind was 1,000,000 (the small blind was 500,000, along with a 150,000 ante). Interestingly, the 1,000,000 blind level with the mandatory 150,000 ante meant that each hand cost the equivalent in starting chips from 57.5 entrants into the Main Event.
    • This was the final day of a 62-day span which comprises the totality of 59 gold bracelet events (including WSOP-Europe).
    • Prior to play, each of the nine finalists received a Corum limited-edition W.S.O.P. "Romvlvs" timepiece. Each watch dial featured the card suit of choice, engraved with the player's name and starting chip count on the reverse. The special presentation was made by President of Corum Watches, Michael Wunderman.
    • The chip leader at the start of play was Dennis Phillips (St. Louis, MO). Peter Eastgate, the ultimate victor began play ranked fourth.
    • All players who made it to the final table were guaranteed a payout of $900,670. However, Harrah's added another $98,179 in prize money to the top eight finishers. This was the amount of interest paid on the $24,527,416 which accrued interest during the four-month layoff.
    • It's astonishing to think that the second-place cash prize ($5,809,595) still amounts to a figure larger than any other poker tournament in the world.
    • Demidov became the first player to ever make it to the final table of the WSOP Main Event and the WSOP-Europe Main Event. Incredibly, Demidov accomplished this feat within the same year.
    • The final hand of the 2008 WSOP came when Eastgate was dealt Ad-5s against Demidov's 4h-2h. The final board showed K-3-2-4-7 (suits were insignificant). Demidov called Eastgate's all-in move and tabled two pair ??? fours and twos. Eastgate showed A-5, good for the straight, five-high.
    • "I was lucky on the last hand. Ivan had two pair, and I had a wheel. When that happens heads-up, all the money is (going to go into the pot)." ??? Peter Eastgate explaining the winning final hand
    • Demidov was profoundly disappointed, but was also gracious in defeat. He congratulated the new champion and remained onstage afterward for multiple media interviews.
    • "I think I played really well at the start. But I did not play as well towards the end. It is really tough to say what went wrong. Every time I tried to bluff he called, and had a hand." ??? Ivan Demidov moments after being eliminated in second place
    • Phillips was accompanied by the largest cheering section in poker history. More than 300 friends and co-workers came to Las Vegas to support Phillips. Adorned in white shirts and logos, Phillips' army of supporters was one of the final table's most memorable highlights.
    • None of the top four finishers wore glasses at the final table. However, all nine players wore caps adorned with various logos.
    • Suharto says he plans to return to his job as an accountant, despite his big win. I made a commitment and I want to stick with it (regardless of poker)," he said.
    • "For the most part, I did not get a lot of hands. I think I played great. I was just really card dead." ??? Rheem following his elimination
    • Rheem was the only player at the final table who showed any political allegiances. Rheem sported an "Obama "08" button on his shirt.
    • Kim was ecstatic following Marguis' elimination. The unanticipated bust out inched him one spot higher in the prize money, worth an extra $388,000 in prize money.
    • The first elimination took two hours and ten minutes, which is believed to be a WSOP record (Note: Early years at the WSOP were not well documented).
    • The first flop was not seen until 39 minutes into play.
    • First-place prize money totaling $9,152,416 was brought to the main stage immediately following a 75-minute dinner break. The colossal display of banknotes weighed an estimated 500 pounds. Two years ago, WSOP organizers placed a similar amount of prize money onto a large table, causing it to buckle from the massive weight. This year, organizers learned their lesson and the numerous stacks of one-hundred dollars bills were placed upon a reinforced table.
    • The nine finalists were each paid 9th-place prize money ($900,670) when play was suspended on July 15th. The remainder of the prize money (the difference) was paid out at the Rio as players were eliminated.
    • Peter Eastgate played a total of 80.9 tournament hours to win his victory, not counting breaks or end of day recesses.
    • When the tournament ended, all 136,900,000 chips were in Peter Eastgate's stack. He began the tournament like everyone else, with just 20,000 in chips.
    • This was the largest overall World Series of Poker in history. A grand total of 58,720 players entered into 55 gold bracelet events surpassed last year's number of entries, which was 54,288. These figures represent an 8 percent increase over 2007.
    • This ranks as the second-largest live poker tournament in history. This year's turnout surpassed 2007 attendance (6,358) by 7.4 percent. Only the 2006 WSOP Main Event was larger than this tournament – with 8,773 entrants.
    • This is the second-largest tournament prize pool in history. The total prize pool amounted to $64,431,779. The top 666 finishers collected prize money.
    • There were 124 different nations and territories represented by all players who entered the 2008 Main Event. By contrast, there were 87 different countries present last year. This represents a 36 percent increase in international participation.

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  3. 2008-11-14 21:43:26

    Venetian Deep Stack - Take Three

    I guess u should have slept in, as Adrian is doing. Turns out I'll be able to watch him play the final table :p

    I played 4 meaningful hands in today's tournament. We started with 15k in chips and I still went out in the third round. Ugh.

    I lost 1500 with pocket fives. The guy flopped trips and made a great value bet on the river.

    I lost another 1500 when I turned two pair from the small blind and for raised on the river by a flopped wheel. The guy threw in a single chip to raise, but said "play for it" which I guess means raise. The floor ruled against me.

    I raised with only to get reraised from the small blind. The flop came and the guy bet out. I raised, he reraised and I folded face up. He showed aces... There goes 8k.

    I'm at 6k and I fold for 45 minutes. I raise with and get one call. The flop comes and I bet 3/4. Dude calls. Turn is the so I move in, hoping he has top pair worse kicker or worst case is on a flush draw. He snap calls with and that's the ball game.

    Adrian plays in two hours. Hopefully he can make up for this and give people some terrible beats :p

    Live Updates (brought to you by Jason via Ethan)

    • 4:15 pm - Adrian has stolen blinds twice and has about 380k in chips, now bblind
    • 4:18 pm - One revolution and Adrian is on the button again with 350k
    • 4:20 pm - Wait - there's an all-in! 2 people are out, Adrian on the button again
    • 4:21 pm - tied with one guy for short, 7 players total
    • 4:23 pm - M = 5.5
    • 4:27 pm - some dude's KQ just took out one guy with AQ by spiking a K! Top 6 baby!
    • 4:28 pm - Adrian all in for 345k, no calls
    • 4:31 pm - He'd short stack and guaranteed 5k or so for 6th
    • 4:33 pm - another shove by Adrian and no calls
    • 4:35 pm - so far no flops without all in preflop. Sitting at 400k.
    • 4:36 pm - all in again, no calls
    • 4:41 pm - 470k. Now tied with 2 others for short. 3 other guys have over 1 million.
    • 4:41 pm - All in, no calls. This guy is a machine
    • 4:44 pm - First flop of the table. Bets and calls. Chips move between the big stacks.
    • 4:54 pm - All in from his SB, no calls.
    • 4:55 pm - One more eliminated. JJ limp to catch somebody and small goes in with 66. Buh-bye! Top 5!
    • 4:57 pm - Other short stack just doubled up. Now they are talking chop.
    • 5:04 pm - They redid payouts by agreement: 25k, 19k, 12k, 12k, 12k. Adrian probably will finish in the 12k, but this is a tremendous deal for him. 5th only got 6k previously and Adrian is short by far.
    • 5:05 pm - Now they are arguing more. Maybe no deal.
    • 5:11 pm - Final deal is 28k, 17k, 12k, 11k, 10k. That's guaranteed 3rd place money. Not a bad deal for the guy with half the average stack.
    • 5:16 pm - And Adrian is all in again. Time to loosen up and go for first! No calls.
    • 5:24 pm - Jeff's (Weezermoo's) advice: "monkey mash" it in and go for 2nd.
    • 5:25 pm - Adrian actually saw a flop, bet and took it down.
    • 5:37 pm - They are bleeding him out. Hasn't done much lately.
    • 5:43 pm - All-in and called!!!!!
    • 5:46 pm - Won the hand with TT vs AT, and the case T hit in the window! DOUBLE UP and more! Now almost average with 4.8M chips in play.
    • 5:49 pm - 800k+ in chips. Average stack now.
    • 5:54 pm - Chips: 1.5M, 1.1M, 900k, Adrian at 850k, last guy at 600k
    • 6:08 pm - Adrian made his first not all-in raise of the final table and saw a flop. He had to fold, and is now probably back to shoving.
    • 6:13 pm - Saw another flop. Chip leader went all in. Adrian is thinking... he calls.
    • 6:14 pm - There was an ace on the flop and they both had aces, but Adrian's kicker is GOOOOOD! Doubled!
    • 6:14 pm - New Adrianism: when he two paired with his queen that hand he said, "And the queen for pleasants", which means 'good' I suppose.
    • 6:15 pm - Queen came on the turn to make opponent drawing dead.
    • 6:18 pm - He's chip leader at about 1.7M - that's about 1/3 of the chips!
    • 6:28 pm - Chip leader coming in to final table is now severely short stacked, and probably out soon.
    • 6:41 pm - 2.3M. Approaching half of the final table chips with 5 players still in.
    • 6:42 pm - Only 4 left! Adrian took out the short stacked former chip leader.
    • 6:47 pm - Still around 2.15 in chips.
    • 6:58 pm - They all have enough chips to play, so it's pretty uninteresting right now.
    • 7:04 pm - The tournament organizer says it should be over in about an hour.
    • 7:04 pm - Down to 3. Short stack got bad beat. They are renegotiating the split now.
    • 7:15 pm - Almost over. They are chopping.
    • 7:27 pm - They chopped 3-way and Adrian gets the trophy, the picture, and $21,613 since he was the chip lead!!! Picture soon.
    • 7:30 pm - Correction: in the earlier hand that Adrian doubled up through the chip leader, there was no ace on the flop. He called the all-in with ace high, and the queen came on the turn.


    For Adrian's angle of the tournament, go here!

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  4. 2008-11-14 02:09:36

    Venetian Deep Stack - Take Two

    $330 later everybody us out except for Adrian, who is going strong with 110,000 in chips! Supposedly he has had aces two times and kings at least 4 times. Dinner break soon.

    I went out in round 5. I made a straight flush. I had to check-raise bluff the pro to my left off his hand with on an board. I started out strong but never even doubled my chips. Eventually lost with top pair and a flush draw.

    Dinner then more cash game while Adtian wins, hopefully :) We haven't been doing so well there either. Changing that tonight!!

    update: 9:52pm
    Adrian is 3 away from the money with a grip of chips!!!

    update: 10:54pm
    Adrian is in the money! 180k in chips, which is very healthy. He's playing well!

    update: 12:19am
    Top 16!!!

    Top 12 now....

    Scratch that, top 10! One more to final table

    update: 1:30am
    They broke down at 9 and the "final table" plays 4pm on Friday. First is like $35k, but 9th is only $2355. The chip stacks are approximately 1M, 1M, 900K, 600K, 600K, 500K, Adrian at 289K, and two players around 200k.

    update: 1:00pm
    Adrian at the final table:

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  5. 2008-11-12 22:14:06

    Venetian Deep Stack - Take One

    we played 1/2 at the Venetian last night and did ok. Fun stuff. Got to bed late but feelin fine

    We are 3 rounds in and on break. I'm double the original chips. Made a couple bonehead bluffs (but didn't lose much) but i've been getting a ton of action on my value bets. Two pairs, flush, kings, all getting paid off. Adrian is even at 12k, alexis at 10k or so, patti at 6, jeff at 6. I'm at 24k and blinds will be 100/200 with 25 ante.

    update at 3:50pm

    And just like that it is over. I played a pot for half my chips against the loosest guy in the table, and he hit his flush on the river. I ended up calling his all in on the turn, and he did indeed hit the 25% draw. I'm still working out if I played it correctly or not.

    After that I folded everything but my blinds for about 50 minutes, but when the forced bet got to 200/400 with 25 antes, my time was short. I couldn't put anything together and ended up getting my last 4000 in against QQ with a better full house.

    Everybody else is in the hunt. Funny how it works out sometimes. Adrian is at 30k and the blinds are 300/600+50. Not bad.

    Thanks for reading.

    update Adrian went out before dinner but jeff managed to get 23rd! Too bad it was only 250 profit for 10 hours of play :( priEd are very top-heavy

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  6. 2008-11-12 00:43:56

    Leaving for Vegas...

    I'm leaving in less than 30 minutes. Woo woo! I've heard Alexis won an $80 satellite to get into tomorrow's $330 Venetian Deep Stack. Awesome! Maybe we can all final table tomorrow. Hah. I'll try and keep the blog updated. TTYL!

    Update (5:00pm): So, as usual, flying out of SFO results in a delay. Supposedly we will be leaving at 10pm instead of 7pm. LAME!

    Update: we transferred airlines and got in at 9pm. Woo!

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  7. 2008-11-05 20:15:26

    I Had a (Poker) Dream

    Can somebody psychoanalyze this?

    begin dream sequence

    I'm in some public bathroom. A big one. Like... at a school, or concert, or something. It's safe because other people are around.

    I run into this fellow I recognize waaaay back from my Madison days. Riley and some associate I do not know accost me. He is upset about something.

    We argue for what seems like an eternity, but the bottom line is when I leave the "safety" of this bathroom, I'm going to get it. I try to convince him this is not necessary, and ask for any reasoning, and he finally spills the beans...

    Riley's father likes to limp in to multi-way pots with small pocket pairs so he can catch a set on the flop and stack people. He does not like calling raises with them pre-flop. Evidently, I've been raising it up so frequently that his father can't limp in with his pocket pairs and it really bothers him.

    end dream sequence

    I'm not kidding here. Weird, huh?

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