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  1. 2008-08-25 04:31:40

    Absolute Poker Cheater Found

    He's in Costa Rica, with a yacht and a mansion. But Absolute still won't hold him culpable:

    AJ Green (also known as Allan Grimard) has been located in Costa Rica. You might recall that Grimard was implicated in the notorious "Absolute Poker In-House Cheating Scandal"...

    The source also revealed that Grimard has a huge yacht and is building a gigantic mansion in Los Suenos, Costa Rica, a posh Pacific coast resort area.

    Green was a low level supervisor at before joining the Absolute Poker team. Thus far, company officials have refused to hold Green culpable of the cheating even though all fingers were pointed his way.

    You'd think Absoute Poker would want to come clean right away and do some damage control. Instead, they try to sweep it under the rug, which only makes them look like they have something to hide.

    I wonder how long AJ Green will be able to stay out of the authorities' hands.

    Posted by Ethan at 2008-08-25 04:31:40

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