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  1. 2008-10-08 20:01:32

    An Obama Presidency May See the UIGEA Defeated

    From an interview with Las Vegas gambling attorney Anthony Cabot, via

    However, the imminent US presidential election could impact efforts to overturn the UIGEA, he opined. "If (Arizona Sen. John) McCain is elected, the Internet gaming ban would never be repealed."

    But if Illinois Sen. Barack Obama becomes the next president, the equation could change, Cabot said, given that some big Obama supporters, such as Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, oppose the ban.

    "I think if Senator Obama was elected, it would be more likely to be repealed," Cabot said.

    This makes sense. The ban was enacted in 2006, when Republicans still controlled both houses of Congress. It was written, sponsored, and passed by them as a giveaway to both the religious right, who sees it as immoral, and the various gambling coalitions (sports, horse racing, etc.). Since it is likely that the Democrats will extend their current leads, it will be much more likely that the UIGEA will be repealed or altered in a favorable way.

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