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  1. 2008-06-20 03:59:55

    See, Poker Isn't Only About Evil Gambling

    And I thought poker was the devil's work:

    The Budding Ivey Foundation was founded by Phil Ivey and his mother Pamela Simmons Ivey to continue the noble efforts of Ivey"s late Grandfather, Leonard "Bud" Simmons. Simmons, a true Statesman, was dedicated to helping his fellow citizens by showing them the ways to help themselves.

    Full story here. Sounds great if you've got $1000 to burn for a good cause. I wonder if it's tax deductible.

    Posted by Ethan at 2008-06-20 03:59:55

Comments on “See, Poker Isn't Only About Evil Gambling”

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    • Yeah, see, they got me with the BBQ, too. Then again, I don't put $1000 on the line for a tournament. I think Ivey's a little young to be a "legendary gambler" like the story says. It's a press release, though, and they like to get dramatic. His proposition gambling exploits are well-rumored. And to his credit, he's definitely one of the best poker players around right now.

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    • I think I'd rather attend the 6th annual World Series of BBQ :p How is Ivey legendary? It just seems odd to have an advertisement for your own poker tournament (charity or not) refer to you as "legendary", even if you are.