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  1. 2008-06-27 21:50:29

    UIGEA: Bad News

    Update: A bit of background

    Looks like Peter King's (R-NY) amendment to H.R. 5767 that would have blunted the worst effects of the UIGEA failed due to a tie vote in committee:

    The King amendment responded to concerns raised by U.S. financial services companies about the burden and ambiguity in the proposed rules to implement UIGEA.

    The updated bill would have required federal regulators to adopt formal rulemaking processes to define unlawful Internet gambling activities, to create a list of unlawful Internet gambling businesses, and to conduct an economic impact study on the costs for compliance.

    The bill would have also forced the agencies to take into consideration the Paperwork Reduction Act and Regulatory Flexibility Act, current laws the proposed rules to enforce UIGEA failed to address.

    Basically, the current UIGEA rules are not properly defined and are largely unworkable, creating a burden on the financial institutions that will have to do the police work to enforce it. Peter King sought to define the rules in a workable manner, which of course would have meant relaxing the regulations.

    Also via Lucky Numbers, we find anti-gambling Alabama representative Spencer Bachus displaying his fundie cred:

    Bachus issued the following statement:

    "Today"s vote was a victory for young people because illegal Internet gambling brings the casino into their bedrooms and dorm rooms, sometimes with tragic consequences.

    "Whatever else is said about it, illegal Internet gambling is a federal crime and a crime in all 50 states. Its most vulnerable victims are the young people who by the tens of thousands have been exposed to the risk of becoming compulsive, addictive gamblers."

    The only explanation I can think of really is the fundie angle: the right-wing religious groups need their red meat to keep voting for him, so he's helping them out.

    Meanwhile, the vast majority of normal people who want to play poker online can't, thanks to this guy and his warped reality. Memo to Rep. Bachus: people will gamble anyway. Just like the war on drugs, the UIGEA will be ineffectual and costly to implement.

    Of course, if you really wanted to help young people out, you could increase their educational opportunities. I'm sure Rep. Bachus would support more federal funding for education.

    Oh, wait

    Yup, he voted against an additional $10.2B for federal education and HHS projects (subsequently passed, then vetoed by Bush), and against $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges.

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