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  1. 2008-11-06 06:28:10

    Yesterday's Election = Great for Online Poker

    In case you are living in a cave, Barack Obama and Democrats across the country won yesterday, and won big. For poker players, this is nothing but good news. Remember that it was a Jim Leach from Iowa and Robert Goodlatte from Virginia, both Republicans, who authored the UIGEA. Bill Frist and John Kyl, also Republicans, pushed it through the Senate.

    Democrats Robert Wexler and Barney Frank, two of Congress' most staunch online gambling advocates, won their house races handily. They both are pushing legislation favorable to our cause.

    Frank is pushing HR 6870, aka the Payment Systems Protection Act, which will stop the Treasury from enforcing any of the UIGEA's provisions until the language in it (such as the first three words, "unlawful internet gambling") can be defined.

    Wexler is introducing HR 2610, the Skill Game Protection Act. This will protect online betting for "poker, chess, bridge, mahjong or any other game where success is predominantly determined by a player's skill."

    So we've got two bills, both of which will legalize online poker. With the widened Democratic majorities in both houses and an intelligent, sane President who has no debts to pay to any fundamentalist types, these bills should head right through. Hopefully Congress will get to them in January. Unfortunately, I'm sure Congress will also have a lot of work to do, and these bills may not make it to the floor for some time.

    Posted by Ethan at 2008-11-06 06:28:10

Comments on “Yesterday's Election = Great for Online Poker”

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    • ...although betting on online Go might be a different story

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    • Good point. Seems pretty ridiculous to bet on any game like chess, checkers, or backgammon, since computers are very good at these games.

    • anonymous
    • Who would bet online chess? Just plug into program your move with Chessmaster.

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    • That is great news :)