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  1. 2013-06-24 21:35:40

    Online Poker Website Research

    Hi everyone. I am a grad student doing research as to what drives people to specific online poker sites. I have heard that there are lots of different reasons and am really interested in learning the major points. Please rate the following factors/elements (giving one to least important, 10 to the most important).

    company reputation?
    sign up bonus?
    loyalty program?
    banking safety?
    who the room was "endorsed" by?
    Table/Room Interactivity (with other players and/or poker pro via chat)
    Social Media aspects?
    Private room (ability to play with your friends)
    Immediate cashout capability?
    "Clean" game? (clean meaning no bots, no third party spyware, etc)

    Finally, could you please list which site/s you play at?

    Thank you.

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