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  1. 2010-10-09 22:48:21

    Welcome to the new PokerSoup

    It's been a long time coming, but we've finally deployed PokerSoup 2.0!

    What's New?

    • Tournament RSVP page overhaul
    • Feedback form on the bottom-right of every page
    • Consistent color scheme and 2-column layout
    • Contextual second tier navigation now appears in the right column

    What's the Same?

    • All poker blogs, forums, and league hosting still exist (and look better!)
    • Everything is still free
    • We were able to keep the old logo Phil made for us (thanks, dude!)

    What's Next?

    • Fix any bugs
    • Review feedback and make updates
    • Nicer looking HTML emails
    • Make improvements to our Blind Structure Calculator
    • Feature enhancements

    Posted by Jason M at 2010-10-09 22:48:21

Comments on “Welcome to the new PokerSoup”

    • avatar for Jason M
    • we are working on it parag :) i promise we'll get there...

    • avatar for Jason M
    • You can get to the leader board (the main league home page) by clicking on the name of your league in the horizontal bar across the top of any league-related page. We are working on making that more obvious. We also want to work a bit more on the other interlinking (such as links to the rules, league chatter, etc.). Thanks for the feedback!

    • avatar for _jkl42
    • Great looking layout. Kind of jumps out at you at first, but I like it! Navigation directly the League Talk page and Leader Board from the RSVP page would be handy. Thanks Jason and Ethan, very cool A+++

    • avatar for Mr. Segan
    • Nice job!

    • avatar for RodsterAce
    • Looks good dude!

    • avatar for Jason M
    • Thanks, man ;) We'll get there!

    • avatar for Tony Gags
    • Wow bro site is awesome. My dumb azz didnt have the java update. Woot Woot. Still want a waiting list option ;p

    • avatar for Jason M
    • yay!