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what would you do in this situation?

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    • 10 person tourney. Down to 4 ppl. Pays top 3.
      You have 15x BB.
      Your cards: 9-T suited, UTG.
      Other 3 players playing style: unknown.

      What would you do?

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    • What are the other players stacks? Are there ante? How long are blind levels? How can you be down to 4 players and have no info on them? Id just fold if I have zero info.

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    • Agreed, fold unless I get more info. UTG is not the new button :) I would risk 20% of my stack on a blind steal from that position with unknown players.

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    • So you bet 25% of your stack. Button folds. SB moves all in with ~20 BBs left. The BB folds. Then what?

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    • I typed I would risk 20% but what I meant is I would not. Sorry for the confusion.

      Your follow up question is the exact reason not to do it with those stack sizes. You can't call even if you think they are trying a re-steal :(

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    • OK. Thanks for the clarification ()

      In this hypothetical, l would have bubbled. Hypothetically.

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    • Lol, sorry man. I'm an expert bubbler so don't take my advice! :p