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Just started. Problems already. Help? Can't correct e-mail error.

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    • I am creating a league. Entering members, I typed an e-mail address with an error in it. I can't find a way to delete that member/entry. When I try to correct the e-mail address the system seems to be trying to create another entry. Help.

      Also, I do not want to give everybody a nickname or alias. When I entered my name as the first member, no nickname or alias was required. However, on every subsequent entry one was required before the entry would be completed. Ideas?


      Natchez Too

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    • Only thing I can help you here on is The Nickname/Alias thing. People can change that part later if they like I am pretty sure so just give them one for now. On the other stuff I am sure Jason can help you. He is in Vegas right now so give him a day or two.

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    • Hi Natchez, thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry things aren't going smoothly. I will send this same information to you in an email so you can respond there if you prefer.

      1) An alias should be mandatory for all players. The alias is what is displayed all over the site instead of a players first and last name, which allows people some privacy if they so desire. However, you found a bug! We're going to fix the new player sign-up to require an alias.

      2) For now, my suggestion would be to create aliases like "Jason" or "Jason M" for your players. And as UPS mentioned, they can go in and change the aliases from their dashboard.

      3) You can change a player's email address if they have not yet confirmed their account. Do this by navigating to your league page and then clicking on the "View all players" link near the top of the right column. There was a red exclamation mark next to one of your players ( because the email that was sent to him bounced back, so I clicked on the "Edit" link to the right of his name, changed the email address to, and clicked on the "Edit User" to update the address. I then clicked on the "Reactivate" button to make sure he received a new invite. I hope I made the right assumption about the email address. Please let me know if I did not.

      I think this covers everything. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

      BTW, UPS, thanks for covering for me :) My plane was late getting in last night and I was pooped out from playing poker until 7:30am every day so I went straight to bed!