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Poker supplies - poker table tops?

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    • I just met somebody who was looking for a nice poker table top. Probably not the standard octagon, more like the full folding table. Does anybody have recommendations? I haven't looked for one for a few years.

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    • Yes, that would be me! Name's Mike by the way. :)

      I measured the space tonight, its 8'x8' and that would include chairs. Something that I could convert into a normal table with a poker space underneath is what I think I'm in the market for, that way it would have some depth to it.

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    • Its a bit low-tech but I use a my dining table with some padding and professional felt material I cut to size. Lay that on top of the table and secured with clips from hardware store at the corners. Done.

      Not thee most classy but very functional. I think it works better than some of those cheapy pastic table-tops with zero padding.

      The only drawback is it doesn't provide an lip at the edge of the table. So ya gotta be careful not to deal the cards with enough heat to have them fly off the table.

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    • Thanks Craig,

      I'm starting to this this is the route I might go. I have a few handy friends though that might be able to help make an attractive leather lip for when I want to convert it from being a normal gaming table to a poker table.

      Just have to find an appropriate table now... :)

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