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    • So, I find this a little annoying. If someone posts a link in a thread and another user clicks on the URL, the page opens in the same window. I could always click "back" and come back to the Pokersoup page.

      How about the link opens on a new tab/window? Just a user-experience issue :-)

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    • I agree. A new window or tab would be better. Or I could hit shift or control before clicking but I always forget to do that.

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    • I think this is a good idea. I always just control-click on links without even thinking about it :p We will see if we can get this done soon. Thanks for the feedback.

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    • Agreed. I wasn't sure what to do there initially, but two votes in favor decides it.

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    • Do you guys have a "search" feature on your list? I was trying to find a message thread but couldn't remember what it was called. But I did remember a few keywords.

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    • Yeah, we do. Doing a good search is kinda hard, though, so we've been avoiding it :/ Guess we should start thinking about it now.

      A good temporary measure if you need to search the site is to type " my search keywords" in to google. That will search just our site for whatever you want. You can do that for any site you want too.