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2009 WSOP Results

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    • I accidentally posted some updates on the wrong forum. Oops! I'm copying everything into here. The summary is Jeff got out just before the money and Stephen is still going...

      Jeff and Stephen are playing in the 6/5 $2500 No Limit Hold'em Event #13 that started on Friday. They are both still in it and 63 people away from the money!

      Jeff has stayed around the chip average for most of day one, but going in to day two is desperately short on chips (16,100). Stephen was on the short stack for a lot of day 1 but went on a tear in the late stages to become the chip leader at his table. At the end of day 1, he is a little below average but healthy (38,900).

      DAY 2!

      Right before the start Jeff messaged me and said if he's not out in the first 10 minutes, it's really good news. Over an hour after the start time I haven't heard from them. Awesome :D

      Update from Jeff at 4:08pm: "Three people from money. Both still in. I'm still super short and Stephen is healthy and average."

      Jeff just messaged me that he is knocked out. Sounds like his pocket pair lost to overcards on the river (all-in preflop). I'm waiting to see if he made it to the money :(

      As of 6:21pm, Stephen is very short-stacked. 90 players left (and in the money).

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    • 6:46pm: Stephen says "Dinner break. I'm in the money. Jeff went out just before the bubble. On a stupid short stack now. Have to get lucky. Payouts not much at this point :/"

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    • Stephen busted out in 88th place out of 1088 people for a price of $5800. "Nothing spectacular but it's better than not making the money" according to Stephen. Not bad!

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    • Nice work gents! Don't use up all your luck before we get there :)

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    • Stephen busted earlier today and Jeff tripled up early. He's sitting pretty with a mega stack while on dinner break. Go Jeff!

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    • jason do they have a twitter that i could follow for more update like tony and parag were doing?

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    • Yup. I'll try to update it. Check it here. I'm going to write a blog post with that info, too, before I go.

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    • Jeff made day 2 again. He has 34.5k ad the average stack is 45.5k. He says another bubble might be in the works, but I'm hoping for a deep run!

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    • Wish me luck guys. Heading into day 2 I have a really good table as far as the stack sizes (somehow I'm 3rd at my table out of 8 despite having a well below average stack). However, it is one of the first two tables that will break, so my fate will definitely be determined by where they send me. I didn't get much sleep thanks to stupid carpet cleaners across the street and i woke up with a bad headache, but at least Tropical Smoothie Cafe gave us free smoothies to start my day. Feeling better now and ready to go rock some all ins and build a stack for a deep run. I'll keep Jason posted. Thanks for the support.

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    • That sucks about the sleep, dude. I hope you are rocking it.

      Here's the latest from Jeff:

      "So not one playable hand today. Which cause me to blind into the money. Down to 23k. Blinds huge. But table likes me and I think I can shove the next few and get folds. I was moved three times today from button or cutoff to big blind at new table. So unlucky."

      Money is good. Now let's triple up YO

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    • Jeff says: "Never had a hand until finally AQ on button and stupid small blind had AK. 109th place for a crappy payout of 4650"


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    • "Nothing spectacular but it's better than not making the money" ;)

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    • what was the buy in?

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    • Great job on the 6/5 cash, Stephen! Great job on today's cash, Jeff!