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Poker Tracker 3 FTW!

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    • Youy guys need to do this online. HU4ROLLZ Loser is first person to go broke. That would be epic.

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    • LOL

      any poker pain is enjoyment for anyone not involved im sure his roll is signifacantly bigger than mine

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    • ok i got two available dates either fri aug 21st or some time mid day sunday aug 23rd?????

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    • lmao, i think thats the weekend im going oot

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    • You two are soooo funny. Just do it!

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    • were trying would anyone care to deal for this id offer up 10% of my profit at the end of the night

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    • Mr. Segan said:

      Jason, I remember you having a Mac, So, I assume the software is available for the mac users?

      I run a Mac and use VMare Vusion to run FTP and Tournament Indicator. Highly recommend A+++

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    • They have PT3 for the Mac now. I've been using it for a week now and I highly recommend it. The other tracker for the Mac is Poker Copilot, which I used for 30 Days and found it quite useful with the simpler interface/nicer graphs and Leak Detector, but took longer to setup. After my trial is up for PT3 I'll decide which one to purchase.

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    • Everybody raves about hold em manager(do they make it for the mac?) I have used pockertracker from day 1 and love it. It never has problems and is super simple to set up and use. I notice on the forums that Hold em manager is always losing hands or not updating its software fast enough.

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    • AFAIK, they don't make Holdem Manager for the Mac yet.

      Is there a way in PT3 to set your starting bankroll? Right now it uses the first hand imported and is off by almost half. In Poker Copilot you can set it and it will adjust the graphs accordingly.

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    • NO it just keeps track of total profits/losses and then there is all the tabs to check position stats, players, grapghs. You have to hit refresh to update your stats