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something funky going on...

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    • So Tony's game is on thursdays at 6:45....but this is what I am seeing...

      Whats going on?

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    • crazzyyy

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    • check your computer's time zone setting.

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    • I checked all that, my computer shows the correct time!

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    • Oh yeah Parag. you got a new computer lol. Got to be the time zone setting

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    • i gotta go with craig and tony there. parag, did you check the timezone? that's the only thing i can think of... let me know if that isn't the problem. feel free to email for more specific information (like type of computer, os, browser, etc.).

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    • Sent you an email....Damnn you weren't kidding about the limit of pics I can

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    • It is also possible that Parag has JavaScript disabled.

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    • Not sure what the problem is....just checking psoup from the work computer and its looking fine...

      Maybe some setting on my new computer...will need to play around a little to fix it i guess!

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    • Parag, I think Mark (Colt) had a similar problem some time ago. Ask him how he resolved it.

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    • I still have that problem on my mobil phone,it only happens to me on my mobil device.

      i blame it on only happens to me when he playing