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My name is Chris Olaafson and I am about to save your life

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    • About me: My name is Chris Olaafson, but from this day forth you will call me simply 'Father' or 'Oracle' if it sits better. I am a professional poker player with a quite extraordinary record of achievement. I have made millions and millions of dollars on and off the felt and I've dragged more in a single pot than many of your families will see, combined, in their entire lifetimes. But here's the good part, poker weakling. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!

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    • This is awesome. Thanks for the link :) It's well worth the time!

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    • Yeah this guy is hilarious. If you search around he has some old interviews of poker players before he came up with this idea. I remember one where he got negranaeu to pretend he was mad at him and push him in a pool.

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    • yeah, i remember seeing that a long time ago, too. i tried to find if it was real or not but at that time i couldn't find anything. awesome stuff.

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    • Ok, that's pretty funny stuff. Took me probably longer than it should have to figure out if it was for-real or not. Well produced and scripted. I liked some of his phrases: "getting down to the gritty-nitty" and "that's the way the cookie breaks in too small pieces".
      But what's the business model? I'm pretty sure no one's going to buy into his "system", although I could be wrong about that. Is he hoping for a snack-food endorement deal. Maybe a mockumentary movie? Let me be the first to call him "the Borat of poker."