Triple B Poker

2013-05-12 02:00:00

2013-05-12 02:00:00

2013-05-12 02:00:00

Game 7

No-Limit Hold'em Tournament

40 seats at Bob Nobles House!

  • $55
  • 25000
  • no rebuys
  • with add-ons


The Month of May will be held at Bob Nobles House. The directions will not be posted on the web, so if you don't know where it is, please ask! Thank you!

Poker league 2nd sat every month 4 one year starts nov 10 at marshalls house 50+5 buy in includes bounty and entry fee. 25k start stack format and rules are drafted and will b posted at tourneys please RSVP. tourney starts at 6 cards will b in air no later than 605 please arrive between 530 and 545 cash game at 430

Call Dave or Bob Noble for additional info if needed.


First 40 RSVPs Guaranteed a seat

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