Bluebell Poker League

2013-06-23 12:00:00

2013-06-23 12:00:00

2013-06-23 12:00:00

Bi-Monthly Final

No-Limit Hold'em Tournament

16 seats at Bluebell


  • ??0
  • 10000
  • no rebuys
  • no add-ons


Bi-Monthly Final
Registration closes at 12:45
Late registration will result in the loss of starting chips
1,000 per level for the first 2 levels
No Late Registration after Level 2.
Please Remember the TD has the final word in any dispute,
Please if not actively involved in the hand do not touch the chips in play or the muck pile.
Have a Good Day, May the Poker Gods Smile On You

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Who signed up for this tournament? 6 yes, 0 maybe, 0 no (10 open seats):

  • Andy Parkin

  • Donny Boy

  • Donny Dave

  • GB

  • Lucky Pig

  • Saint or