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2017-02-26 00:30:00

2017-02-26 00:30:00

2017-02-26 00:30:00

Let the games being

No-Limit Hold'em Tournament

unlimited seats

61 Kent Avenue, Kitchener, ON

  • $60
  • 5000
  • no rebuys
  • no add-ons


Buy in: $60
Game: No Limit Hold Em
Starting chips: 5000

No charge rebuy of 5000 before the end of round 3
No charge add on 5000 at the end of round 3 if rebuy no used.
No rebuys or add ons after round 3 is complete
First 3 rounds are 30 minutes each at a relaxed pace
After 3 rounds table seating is randomized to allow play with other members
# paid positions depends on total number of players.

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