2009-03-20 03:00:00

2009-03-20 03:00:00

2009-03-20 03:00:00

Ferguson Poker Event #2

No-Limit Hold'em Tournament

900 seats at Full Tilt Poker

  • $11
  • 3000
  • no rebuys
  • no add-ons


So we don't have to do anything- Full Tilt will schedule that tournament for us every Thursday at 8 until I tell them to cancel or change. Soooo....for whoever's interested- we will be playing poker again this Thursday night March 19 at the same time. I've set up the point system in reverse order of the amount of players (last week Chad took 1st of 7 so he gets 7 points, Tyson finished 7th of 7 so he gets 1 point). This way, the bigger the field size, the bigger the points for first place. And if you play, at least you're getting points that will count toward something. Also- there will be a points bounty each week, so if Chad plays this week, whoever knocks him out will receive an additional point!

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Place Player Points
1 Dan/TripleLCA 6 with  1 bounty
2 colt1912 4
3 Mike L 3
4 Big Chad 2
5 Tyson 1