2009-04-10 03:00:00

2009-04-10 03:00:00

2009-04-10 03:00:00

Ferguson Event #5

No-Limit Hold'em Tournament

900 seats at Full Tilt

  • $11
  • 1500
  • with rebuys
  • no add-ons


Rebuy Notes: 1 rebuy during first 20 minutes!!!

We are changing the format!!!
The blinds are being decreased from 10 minutes to 5 minutes- this way when Mike Liner doesn't play for the first hour and a half, he will not be able to come back and be down to 3 people already. Also, we will start with 1500 starting chips instead of 3000, but you can make one rebuy for another $10 anytime in the first four blind levels. The rebuy is for 1500 chips more chips, and you can only rebuy if you have 1500 chips or lower. Gotnutinz took 1st last week after coming back again Mark Foster to give the notch to Cal-Steam in Week 4- so there will be a one point bounty on gotnutinz this week! Good luck!

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Place Player Points
1 Mike L 7 with  1 bounty
2 zeke467 (guest) 5
3 Gotnutinz 4
4 Family Jewels 3
5 Dan/TripleLCA 2
6 Big Chad 1