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X-Secure Encrypted Smartphone

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X-Secure Encrypted Phone

The X-Secure Phone is designed for mission-critical communication and information sharing, fitting the needs of enterprises and governments working with sensitive data.

To guarantee your privacy every integrated application in the X-Secure OS makes use of end-to-end (device to device) encrypted communication, using military-grade encryption. Delivering Privacy By Design with 356 24/7 phone and communication protection.

All main, and most targeted exploitable entry points of the encrypted phone (Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc.) have been closed off in the X-Secure OS. The X-Secure OS is a custom-designed encrypted operating system without the use of Google services, GM services, and other user tracking software standard installed on an operating system.

Blockchain encrypted phone
To ensure the integrity and authenticity of the X-Secure OS during the boot the device fingerprint is validated. This fingerprint is a blockchain based secure boot process, verifying
the block devices during the start of the phone.

The X-Secure encrypted phone’s OS, and secure applications are all protected by separate passphrases, each set to trigger a wipe sequence if mistaken a consecutive number of times. Some integrated applications are even equipped with a distress function to set a distress password to remove all user-data by typing in the distress password.

Optionally the X-Secure Phone can be remotely wiped and updated upon request by the client. To safeguard the confidential data during an emergency.

Zero-access encryption communication
The X-Secure Phone is equipped with two encrypted communication solutions. No. 1 allows end-to-end encrypted online and offline communications, with the use of a decentralized network of servers. No. 2 allows only end-to-end encrypted online communications, based upon Peer to Peer technology, whereby the data is not passing through any server.

Of course all incoming and outgoing communication is end-to-end encrypted and transmitted over an encrypted virtual private network. Ensuring only the user has access to the data.

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