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2021-08-27 03:00:00

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Encrypted Smartphones

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Encrypted Communication Devices

To ensure your communication you are in need of encrypted communication. X-Systems has developed X-Secure and X-Crypto. Two encrypted devices that provide optimum private and secure communications.

The technology that these encrypted communication devices use is end-to-end (device to device) encryption without the use of a data-storage server, lowering the possibility of interception and eavesdropping to zero. Delivering end-to-end “Always Encrypted Zero-Access to Data” secure peer to peer communication.

Encrypted Communication
Encryption is scrambling information into an illegible state, useless to anyone without the contact and message key to decrypt it. It guarantees that only the sender and recipient(s) can access the files and read messages.

The end-to-end (device to device) encrypted communication solutions of X-Secure and X-Crypto encrypted smartphones make use of forward-secrecy ensuring that every message has its own unique cryptographic key, that is protecting the sent user data against reading previous messages and safeguarding every message permanently.

Multi Layers Communication Encryption
The encrypted smartphones are multi-layered secured, with various cryptographic methods, to assure total data and communications secrecy at any given moment. Inside the encrypted communications applications the data at rest is always encrypted, similar to the data in transfer.

During the communication process the first message generates the cryptographic key (keypair) between the sender and recipient(s). Once this is generated, it also generates per message a different encrypted (sub-) key. Making use of the proven Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm, in combination with session verification.

Going beyond existing communication security combining the X-Systems encrypted phones with communication technologies.

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