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Favorite Hand:
Left hand, although I'm fond of my right hand for lower body movements.
Preferred Game Type:
Rigged or stacked deck. All free rolls with 100k guarantee or above. Game offering appearance money.
Favorite Place to Play:
Cinema and cars with leather back seats.
Favorite Pro(s):
Streatham Alice

Know as the Jedi I was born into a famous poker family.
My Grandfather Fat Slim carried Doyle Brunson's poker chips between table changes
during the 1950-59 World Series. My Uncles Pat, Mick, Shemus, Rory, Danny boy and Teresa were all
professional players from the village of Guinness in county Galway. After 5 years as a dealer I decided to get involved in the
rules and principals of the game. Very soon I was able to deal cards with players at my table.
I quickly over the next 18 years saved enough punts to play in an Irish Sit and go.
The rest has become history with an impressive record of tournament defeats throughout the geography of Eire.
Greatest claim to fame is that I have never once had a bad beat. Only the legend Sir Tom Finney without a booking or sending off can compare.