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Watervliet/Oneonta New York
Favorite Hand:
Jack-Ten Suited
Preferred Game Type:
NL Holdem mainly, and occasionally Razz and Stud
Favorite Place to Play:
Turning Stone Casino
Favorite Pro(s):
Daniel Negreanu

I have been playing poker for most of my life, only starting to take it serious three and change years ago. Yes I am a product of the poker boom, but respect the game and want to constantly improve myself.The money is nice, but I play the game for the game, I love it for the sport. Being in college holds me back from the playing the game and at the limits I would like to, I simply can't afford to play and when I do it's often with scared money. My game plan is to wait until I am financially stable before taking a legit shot in the poker world/WSOP/WPT, so I am spending this time to read the books, study the game, and study human body language, so when I take my shot, I'm prepared. Until that day comes you'll find me playing in $2-$5 dollar tourneys hoping to build a bankroll.