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  1. 2009-03-20 05:00:31

    4 beats full

    Well I enter this online no limit game with only $23. My first hand is . I stay in and the flop shows . Later a comes up and I win with a full house. I get on a hot streak of and and so on and get myself up to $69. Well I start to play tight trying to keep my profits when I get . Flop shows and I have a nut full house Q high. I'm betting and the turn shows Then the river shows another . I think I have this thing buttoned up with an A high Full House! I accept an all in bet. I lose to the guy with a four of a kind. I didn't see that coming. Wait, how did he get 4 of kind? That's impossible! I must not have remembered the cards right. I know I lost and I know it said winner 4 of a kind. Suckage.

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  2. 2009-03-19 14:55:47

    Stay in low

    I had a 2, 3 hearts in a 30 man no limit tournament. I had one of the biggest stacks so I called the $100 to stay in. Two more hearts show on the flop and I called $450 to stay in. I got another heart on the turn. My one opponent raised $1000. The river brought me another heart to complete my flush. He had a pair of 10's. Is it a bad idea to stay in with 2,3 suited if you can afford it? In this case it was a good idea.

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  3. 2009-03-18 17:53:37

    Free Roll

    I played a tournament on Poker Academy with 23 players. I finished 2nd. That's all it takes. Just Finish in the top 3, just do it.

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