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  1. 2009-03-19 14:55:47

    Stay in low

    I had a 2, 3 hearts in a 30 man no limit tournament. I had one of the biggest stacks so I called the $100 to stay in. Two more hearts show on the flop and I called $450 to stay in. I got another heart on the turn. My one opponent raised $1000. The river brought me another heart to complete my flush. He had a pair of 10's. Is it a bad idea to stay in with 2,3 suited if you can afford it? In this case it was a good idea.

    Posted by Ron Knee at 2009-03-19 14:55:47

Comments on “Stay in low”

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    • I like to play the suited connectors, but just doesn't have much value whether you are the chip leader or not. I might call somebody's pre-flop all in if I have 10 times more chips than them (especially if it's a bounty tourney!) but I wouldn't call much more than that.

      I also prefer to raise, but only if in late position. It's better to use your chips to raise $300 one third of the time than to limp in for $100 three times. At least you take control of the pot.

      Remember not to be biased on short-term results. Just because you won the pot doesn't mean those plays will be correct most of the time in the long run.

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    • on one hand i agree. but too. good chip stack, not just that you can afford it. but your also looking at a chance to take someone out. your already 4 to a flush, chip leader or not, i'd a called. and would have felt secure enough betting my opponent had paint and not on a flush draw.

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    • Depends on if you're getting "pot odds." Is it mathematically worth it to take a chance at hitting your flush?

      Then again, if you have a monster stack, you might want to take a long shot at crushing your opponent.

      However, with a crappy 2, 3 suited, waiting for a "backdoor flush" like you did may give your opponent an opportunity to hit a better flush. So basically, you're a donkey.