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  1. 2009-08-02 23:54:19


    ok so today i played a 2 dollar tourney a 3 dollar re buy the 10 dollar 30K guarantee and the 10 dollar 250K guarantee


    i cashed for 95 in the 250K i was in good position coming into the money bubble with 4500 people i was 250 in chips but then i went extremly card dead tried to steal with Ajos and my continuation bet on the flop got raised then it was fold till we were down to 750 players i picked up 55 on button person in cutoff limped for 5K i raied to 20K having 78K sm blind shoved limper folded i called 15K and flopped set against his AKos that put me at 110K or so with 650 players and then it went back to fold fold fold........ then i got 88 in the cutoff blinds are at 3.5 and 7K i raised to 21K total leaving me 71K get called by the loosest player on table so im not too disapointed flop comes AA4 2 spades i feel as if im still good because hes shown hell call when he has money in the pot blind protector and very unlikly he has A figure he might call me with KQ KJ maybe KT trying to be a hero and for sure with flush draw and probablly not beleiving i have A either hell call with 22 33 55 66 77 so i fired one more bet of 26K he takes a few seconds but not that i wanna look weak milk so i figure good chacne im good and since 52K isnt much at this point i figure ill shove on next card unless i get weird feeling so turn is a 9 now we got AA49 2 spades and 2 clubs i figured 60&chance im ahead and because of who the player is i shoved thinking hes not gunna call the river if he does have a draw and he calls and shows A6 so nighty night for me and im not really dissapointed for once with this bust i dont think i really did anything wrong and the couple times i got unlucky wasnt too bad and i was able to come back i wish i spiked a 8 on the river there because that would of put me in spot to final table and get aggressive and since first was 25K i wanted a shot well see next week

    cash games so far i played 25 hands or so on 10/25 chasing a fish that i have on my pokerstars player list i got him for a quick double up and he left so then i went to 25/50 10 hands into it i wake up with AA UTG i open for 2 one caller then this other fish ive got on the list shoves i guess trying to pick up dead money it was 17 total to win 4.75 i smoth called other player folds AA vs 99 and it holds so there is a quick lil pick upso im up 50 for the day or so might call it a day and go for a swim in the pool its hot out here

    Posted by FREMONTkyle at 2009-08-02 23:54:19

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    • LOL yeah, one of these days ill get the hang of it..............does that make up for them LOL.

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    • Nice Job. I think you need to mix in a period here or there to make your blog easier to read.