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    Timeline of the San Mateo County Poker League

    October 2008:
    Phil Travisano answers an ad on CraigsList recruiting new players for a long-running 1-table tournament at Behan's Irish Pub in Burlingame. The ad was placed by Alan Gorman who had been running the game there since 2003.

    December 2010:
    With the approaching holidays, the Behan's game starts to fizzle. No games are held for a few weeks. After the new year Alan gives Phil the OK to take over running the tournaments.

    February 2011:
    Phil gets in touch with Behan's owner GG who decides he no longer wants to host the games.

    March 2011:
    Phil has landed a new location: Ausiello's Tavern in Belmont; and the new league is born.

    January 2012:
    Eddie, the owner of Ausiello's, has decided to end the games because he is seeking a full liquor license. (The bar later becomes McGraw's Bar and Grill.)

    January 2012:
    Phil lands Bucky's Cocktail Lounge in San Mateo as the new home for the league. The games grow and thrive there for the next six years. Phil moves to Portland, Oregon in April of 2017. Leadership is taken over by Troy Soult, Elaine On, Jefferson "JD" Dong, Jacob Moussa, and James Ruigomez.

    March 2018:
    Due to remodeling by new owners, the games at Bucky's come to an end (for the time being). Games resume at Hugo Gonzalez's workplace in San Francisco, and later at Fiddler's Green in Millbrae. Leadership is taken over by Santana Thienviwat, Jessie Nungaray, David Soto, and Alex Munteanu.

    April 2020:
    In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, the league seamlessly transitions to playing exclusively online using PokerStars' home game feature while communicating vocally via Discord. This enables their founder, Phil, to rejoin the weekly tournaments.

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