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  1. 2007-12-21 13:21:20

    Just a Test

    This is just a test. I have alot I want to put into my bio and my first real entry. But I'll type a little something just in case someone actually reads it. ;)

    I play poker for a living. I went part time two years ago to see how it would go. 6 months into that it was an obvious waste of time to continue supervising a small cookie factory for a living. I was making more than 3 times the cookie hourly rate playing poker online. So, in June of 2006 I quit my real job, and, as they say, never looked back.

    I have since been focused on getting better at the game and building my bankroll. In reality I'm not very well rounded since I play almost exclusively No Limit Hold 'em cash games. But I've become quite good at this ever popular version of poker. It's where the money is at since so many new comers want to play the game they saw on TV.

    As I mentioned, I earn my living almost exclusively online. The rake is lower than B&M (brick and mortar) casinos, I can get "rakeback," play multiple tables, and sit in my underwear if I want to. But despite the obvious perks and money making advantages, I still enjoy playing live. Online is like going to work; live is still kind of like a special treat. Plus there is the addition of live "tells" and the ability to focus all of your attention on one table, just one hand at a time. You can't improve your game very easily when you are grinding it out on 6-8 tables at once. Live play gives you the opportunity to focus on the subtleties of the game. And I love the subtleties.

    So, it occurred to me sometime in the spring of '07, "why not move to Vegas?" I've lived in the Pacific North West my whole life. Time for something different. My wife was ok with it as long as she could fly back to Portland/Vancouver 4-6 times a year. That was fine with me. We don't have kids. Why not? So here we are. We've only been here since early August and we've already had tons of visitors. It gives people an excuse to come to you when you live in a go to place like Vegas.

    So, anyways, that's a bit of recent history. Later on I wanna talk about how I got into poker in the first place and what the journey was like going from a total newb delaying the game at Jason's house, to shoving thousands of dollars around like it's no big deal...and still managing to come out on top over the long haul. I'll also be making new entries once or twice a week discussing what's happening with me in poker. I'll be sharing poker hands, and talking about current happenings in the poker world. I look forward to answering any comments or questions some of you may have. Even if it's just to tell me why I played a hand like a donkey. ;)

    Posted by uzjedi at 2007-12-21 13:21:20

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