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  1. 2008-08-10 18:25:33


    So, yeah. I actually made money in July. How about that? In fact it was my second best month so far this year. Hurray!

    Though there was nothing I could have done to stop my May-June downswing, I could have lightened it's effect by more quickly becoming aware of some bad habits I was developing. When you lose a lot at anything, regardless of the reason, it doesn't exactly boost your confidence. And subsequently my rotten state of mind was causing me to play worse. Nothing huge. But it adds up when you are playing several hundred hands an hour. Upon review of some of my sessions I was able to identify my "tilt" moments. It was usually just a matter of me not giving people enough credit. When you are running bad, it usually means someone else you are playing with is running good. And when they keep getting good hands over and over you assume they must be putting the moves on. But it's easy to justify overcompensation when you are in the middle of poker hell.

    So reevaluating my play helped, but the main reason I was able to profit in July was simply a matter of not running like death. Maybe I can run even hotter in August.

    I'm going to continue to blame my lack of blogging on the shifting tectonic plates of my personally life. There has been a whole lot on my mind lately and creating blog entries interesting enough for people to read has not been a priority. But the desire is still there, and I'm still here.

    I'm very much looking forward to visiting you folks in the Bay Area in September for Jason's B-day. Until then, stack some fishies, avoid the other sharks, and hopefully you'll continue to profitably navigate the ocean of poker (ooooooooooo, epic.)

    Posted by uzjedi at 2008-08-10 18:25:33

Comments on “Profit”

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    • Great news, dude. Congrats. I am looking forward to you guys visiting. I suppose I should schedule a tournament for that weekend, huh?

      BTW, in the butt. And I lost.

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    • Glad to hear you were in the black for the month. Looking forward to more posts from one of our resident pros!