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  1. 2008-01-31 10:03:16

    The Break

    I wish I could report that things turned around after my last blog entry, but that's not what happened. That $2100+ day I mentioned was the last winning session I'd had until recently. Most of the losses since had been relatively minor...until January 28th...stupid poker gods...

    After three more days of relatively minor losses following my last entry I was feeling picked on by the poker gods and generally sick of online poker. When a session would start out bad I'd quit after a couple hours out of frustration. I decided to change things up by putting in some hours at the casino. Jeff was game, so for three days in a row we drove to the Wynn and played all night. Two of the trips were solid eight hour (maybe a little more?) days. We comped our meals and had fun with our opponents. Overall it was a good time even though I ended down a little (Wish I had won that $2000 pot...stupid river). I came back to my computer with renewed enthusiasm. I watched a few CardRunners videos and got my poker logic neurons firing. I was ready to take on my opponents and IGNORE the outcome. I was only going to be concerned with outplaying my opponents and making superior decisions. Immediate results be damned. That will take care of itself eventually. I know this. I don't believe in luck, and variance will not rule my emotions...stupid POKER GODS...

    ...More to come soon...

    Posted by uzjedi at 2008-01-31 10:03:16

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    • It's a cliff-hanger!!!

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    • I blame oil futures and the subprime crisis.