Hunter's Creek Hold'em

Poker group getting together once a month for a little fun, food & drinks beginning at 7:00 P.M. Joining this poker group does not mean you have to host an event. There will be numerous members willing to host multiple times during the year. Texas Hold'em to begin at 7:30 P.M. with a $20 "buy in". Payout will be as follows: 1st Place 55%, 2nd Place 35% and 3rd Place receives 10% based on 10 players. This percentages will change with less than 10 players. All players attending will pay the host $10 to offset food & beverage. Following the Hold'em tournament there will be an optional dealer's choice table with a cash "buy in". Buy as many chips as you want and cash in when you're ready to leave. Chips will have actual cash value. Normal "buy in" is $10. No obligation to host so sign up now!

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Location: Cranberry Township, PA
Number of players: 11
Tournaments tracked: 2 (view all)

Leader Board for Series "Hunter's Creek Hold'em Season 1"

Rank Player Name Points Games Extra Stats
1 Tom 153 6 1

($80 prize)

2 JRubb 5 1

($40 prize)

3 2&5 4 1

4 Frogman 3 1

5 MikeRedilla 2 1

6 Tom125 1 1