4G LTE IMSI Catcher & Phone Detection

Phone Detection by 4G IMSI Catcher The X-Surveillance X-Sensors are a set of cell phone detection sensors detecting a smartphone within the broad (long-range) wireless spectrum. The X-Sensors set comes standard with WiFi, 2G and 4G detectors. Providing enterprises an additional layer of security with the cell phone detector by discovering, locating and pinpointing mobile devices in (restricted) areas. To protect enterprises against corporate espionage and targeted tampering or theft of well funded intellectual property and latest technologies. Additional layer of Security The Cell Phone Detection of X-Surveillance is an additional layer of security, next to the existing CCTV camera, motion detectors, biometrics and other PIDS security solutions. Increasing the complete visibility in a (restricted) area, detecting all unauthorized wireless/cellular devices and unauthorized persons carrying a wireless/cellular device. The Cellular / Wireless Device Detection Security technology of X-Surveillance provides constant monitoring of wireless/cellular devices. In combination with other security techniques it gives a full spectrum visibility with better situational awareness. Person & Phone Detection Security Restricted areas such as meeting rooms and R&D departments are the most targeted areas to gain valuable information about strategy, customers, financial results, intellectual property, research and new upcoming technologies. Thanks to the X-Sensors Cell Phone Detection Security security staff can remotely detect unauthorized phones and persons, and better enforce no cell-phone policies. Lowering the vulnerabilities of unauthorized personnel access, tailgating or wireless eavesdropping through the RF spectrum. Cellular / Wireless Device Detection Security Combining the X-Sensors with the Advanced Analytics Dashboard is giving remote security operators a better cyber-physical situational awareness. Increasing intrusion prevention security. Visit this website - https://x-surveillance.com/

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