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2009 WSOP Results

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    • a double up is comforting a week later or if your on a string and definatly more the norm but at the moment i can understand it not being joyus given what was at stake esspesially since at that point there were probably a few people still in that you didnt feel had the skill you did and were just there due to there luck box magic

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    • I agree, nice job, Jeff. Thanks for the links, Alexis!

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    • A lot of PokerSoupers went to Vegas for the WSOP this year and a few more of us are still going.

      Here's a summary of what has happened thus far:

      • Chen played the 5/30 event.
      • Mark played the 6/2 event and finished in top 12% - #346 out of field of 2,791, just 49 away from the money
      • Stephen (uzjedi) & Jeff (weezermoo) played in the $2,500 6/5 event - Jeff bubbled and Stephen cashed (#88 out of 1,088 for $5,800)
      • Tony G., Paul, Tony A., David S., Parag & Gordo in Vegas 6/15-6/19; Tony G played in the 6/16 $1500 and made it into the evening; Paul finished top 10% - #68 out of 698 in $540 Venetian deep stack - just 3 away from the money
      • Stephen & Jeff played in the $2,000 6/18 event - Jeff cashed #109 out of 1,695 for $4,650

      Yet to come:

      • Jason & Adrian are playing the 6/27 & 6/29 events (in Vegas 6/26 - 7/4).
      • Stephen & Jeff are playing in the $3,000 6/28 event.

      I hope I'm not missing anything. Thanks to the PokerMom for putting most of this together :)

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    • davidS made money in venetian dont remember place though

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    • i'll be in vegas june 28th thru july 4th. playing in venetian deepstack events. hopefully i don't go out in bottom 15%

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    • I busted out of the 3k Event #52 Triple Chance very early, but Stephen has had a good run and has just now doubled up through Jeffrey Lissandro, 3 time 2009 bracelet winner and POY leader, to get to a 130k stack (top 15 in chips probably). They are a few players away from the money and he has a stack that makes him likely to make a deep run! Woohoo. Go Stephen!

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    • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Stephen finished fifty-something for an 8k payout. Not bad :)