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  1. 2010-07-19 22:28:40

    Call It a Comeback

    Even though I've been here for years, it's still a bit of a comeback. This IS my second foray into the world of online poker, in fact. Add to my life list of regrets, not jumping on this bandwagon earlier. That's right, I'm playing online again: .10/.25 at Full Tilt. Just a couple hours a day to get my skills up. Been at it for a month and a half and I'm about even with play. It's the bonuses that keep me making a little money. Hopefully by the time I've exhausted my deposit bonus, I'll be good enough to make money without it. Or maybe I'll just move to another site where I can get a deposit bonus.

    Anyway, this wouldn't be much of a blog if I just bored you with details, so how about some entertainment and/or interaction!? I take notes on my play and some of them are funny enough or educational enough to share. Here are some from just last night. My 88 flops middle set and I get it all in on the 2-flush flop. My opponent shows an open-ended straight draw! As in, he's drawing to a straight when I could be drawing to a flush. I dunno, seems dumb to me, but of course he made it.

    Here's another good one. I look down at KK and get one opponent to call a raise. The flop comes 8, 4, 2; 2-flush. I bet, he raises, I re-raise, he 4-bet shoves. Set of 8s or 4s? Feels more like Jacks. I call. He tables Q8! Like a good player would, he rivers the Q. Oh Yeah!

    OK, last bad beat. Again I look down at KK again, what luck! This time all the action is pre-flop and I get it all in heads up. He's got AK, but you KNOW he goes on to win with the flush! Sweet.

    OK that was more about me venting than you actually reading. Check this out though. This one is fun. A little redemption for the good guy even though he maybe didn't deserve it the way he played the hand. The dealer gives me . I call from the small blind with a raise and a call in front. Flop comes . Drawing goodness. I end up checking after some thought. The action goes bet, call, raise. If it gets out of hand behind me, I know how to fold, but I like my implieds, so I make the cal. Fold, fold behind, phew. I figure our raiser for a King. The sweet, sweet hits the turn. Good enough for me. I bet and he insta-min-raises. I never really know what to make of the insta-min-raise. Had he made it a 3x raise, he would have been all-in. Maybe he was trying to reel me in. I decided I wasn't going to fear a higher flush and call. Then, something shifted in the cosmos. I had to double take at the river: . KA-BOOM! I put him all-in and he insta-calls. His utterly destroyed. I meekly drag the pot (as meekly as I can in the digital world, anyway).

    I ended that session down $2 over three hours. Even out the suckouts on both sides and I probably would have been ahead, but really it's poker. I can't complain.

    Posted by Graham at 2010-07-19 22:28:40

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    • wooo hooo! nice straight flush yo :) you definitely have the skillz to pay the billz. don't forget to mention you are playing "rush poker". keep up the learnings. you will be bankrolling and teaching me soon, hopefully!