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  1. 2010-02-01 06:45:02

    What Do I Do With This Information!?

    Officers search for suspect in shooting at Gresham poker club.

    How would you react to this headline? I have mixed feelings. I feel bad for the victims and their families. Two were injured; one is in stable condition the other unknown. On the other hand, I never even knew there was a card room in Gresham. It's 11 miles away. Maybe there are more nearby that I don't know about that don't get shot up.

    Posted by Graham at 2010-02-01 06:45:02

Comments on “What Do I Do With This Information!?”

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    • lol

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    • Only visit respected cardrooms. Home games are dangerous. I carry a gun

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    • I'm pretty sure there are others nearby. Hillsborough, I hear. I bet Matt knows if you talk to him. He knows everything. You might be able to find some info on the Googles, too.

      I would be careful and consider not going (at least for a while). Then again, I played at Ocean View in Santa Cruz shortly after there were multiple stabbings nearby. I guess I'm addicted :p

      Let me know how it goes - I'll be up in PDX for Nick's bday (3/20ish)