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  1. 2008-11-19 21:55:34

    The Venetian Deep Stack Day 1

    The Wednesday tournament was interesting. I wasn't catching any cards, but I did manage to slowly build up my stack to an M of 15 with 28k in chips and 80-some people left (36 out of 366 cashed). Then the stars aligned: I ran out of paper in the Little Black Book, got moved tables and got tired of not catching cards and folding 2 revolutions so I defended my big blind with . I put the raiser on big cards although he was the other large stack at the table, so it could have been a move...

    Flop comes . I check-call his 1/2 pot bet knowing my was probably no good. And then it came the mistake: the comes on the turn and I bet out. He raises me all in and after realizing that I would only have 13k if I fold, I reluctantly called and said "nice hand". He turns over and the river comes blank for me. I was really upset and after thinking thru this hand more I should have check-raised the flop all in or just folded.

    It gets better though: I get up to leave and turns out I have 1000 chips left and I am the next big blind so I am all in blind. 5 people call and 2 people create a side pot after the flop. I flip over my cards to wake up to which makes a full house! If I had just folded one more hand, I could have played my boat with 27k in chips and 2 willing donors. I went all in a few more hands in a row and made it all the way back up to 17k in chips. Finally I can play a few hands so I raise with and the same Mr. Two Pair from earlier who was sitting pretty with 50k flat-calls me. Flop comes . I bet, he raises, I shove, he says "sorry I have to call you" and turns over...yep, again.

    I spend the rest of the night mad for 2 reasons:

    1. I put all my chips when I was behind
    2. I danced with the only other stack at the table that could hurt me, after just moving

    At least Jeff made it to the money, so I got over it and decided to try and play better the next day ;)

    Posted by Guarantee at 2008-11-19 21:55:34

Comments on “The Venetian Deep Stack Day 1”

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    • maybe you need a BIG BLACK BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I agree with the shove on the flop being the better move, but... you were dead :p I guess the lesson is not to defend your big blind against the other large chip stack with trash, even if you think he's making a move.

      BTW, my captcha is AK24! Omaha H/L for the win!