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Poker Tips

  1. 2012-03-26 14:00:47

    Blackjack tactics

    Most blackjack tables allow you to play up five hands per round, in which you can stake as many chips as you like on each individual hand.

    The best tactic is to play no more than two hands at any given time so you can give you full concentration on them. The more you play, the more you are likely to rush your decisions.

    The most obvious reason why you should avoid playing all five available hands in a game of blackjack is the cost. Remember if you do play five hands, it will cost you five times the stake you choose. Two winning hands would then not be enough to show a profit from the round of betting. The fewer hands you play per round, the longer your bankroll is likely to last in your session.

    One of the other betting opportunities available to you in blackjack is an insurance bet. This takes place when the dealer has either of the two cards that make up blackjack as his turn card. If the dealer then goes on to have blackjack, you get paid at 2:1 for your stake. If you were to play level stakes, you would still show a profit from the hand if the dealer did go on to reveal the second qualifying card. A lot of players don?t like to take on the insurance bet because there is more chance that dealer doesn?t have blackjack despite having one of the cards needed. They are quite happy to take a risk and continue without the insurance bet. Doing this restricts how much you could possibly lose in any round.

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