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Poker Tips

  1. 2013-04-29 09:54:42

    Play Tight

    Imagine you are walking into the casino and are about to take your seat in your local game, or you are on line playing Betfair Speed Poker. You have a friend who is desperate to play, but they have never played poker in their life. You have about two minutes to offer some advice. So what is it going to be? What few words can give the maximum impact in just a few minutes?


    Those two words are the best pieces of advice that you could give to a beginner and there is a lesson to be learned for the experienced player as well. Poker is a game that takes you on a journey and the experienced player can sometimes lose their way. They too once received this advice but now find themselves playing far too many pots. Becoming a coach can often help you screw that head on the right way around.

    If you are on the Betfair iPoker Site and teaching someone to play poker for the first time, then teach them that they can only play a strict number of hands irrespective of what position they are in. Limit their options to any pocket pair, KQs+ and AQs+ and let them loose.

    At least this way they are always going to have a fighting chance when in the pot. It also gives them the vital lesson of learning to fold, whilst affording them the time to focus on what else is going on in the game. How much are people betting? What are they showing down? When, and why, are they raising?

    Playing tight is a great foundation from which to start your poker learning.

    Posted by KCasey at 2013-04-29 09:54:42

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