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Poker Tips

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    Three Types of Tournament Play

    The game of poker is evolving all of the time. At this years World Series of Poker (WSOP), the Carnivale of Poker mini-series is going to hold an Open Face Chinese event, which if successful might be a bracelet event in 2014. Nobody would have thought this was possible a few years ago, but tournament poker is an ever-changing feast these days.

    Here are three very different forms of tournament poker, all of which can be experienced with Betfair Online:

    #1 Ante Up

    An Ante Up tournament is a form of tournament poker that doesn???t see any increase in the blind levels. They may begin at 5/5 and remain that way throughout the tournament. Instead the antes increase each blind level. So if you were playing 5/5 with an ante of 4.5k there would be 36,010 in the pot to play for, each orbit, and only 5 to limp into the pot.

    #2 Crazy Pineapple

    Crazy Pineapple is a tournament format where each player is given three hole cards and a pre flop round of betting ensues. The flop is then laid and another round of betting ensues. Each player must discard one of their three cards to leave them with a two-card hand and play resumes as in standard No-Limit Hold???em (NLE).

    #3 Irish

    There are different variations of Irish, but the commonly found game on the Internet is one where players are dealt four cards face down. There is a round of betting, a flop, another round of betting before players must discard two of their cards before continuing like in NLHE.

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