Poker Tips

Poker Tips

  1. 2012-04-24 09:37:30

    Play Your Strong Hands Fast

    There is something about the cloak and dagger of poker that intrigues and excites people. If you lack a general understanding of poker; if your only experience has come from watching television, then you may be forgiven for believing that poker is all about the person who bluffs the most. Amazingly the game is full of people, with a decent understanding of poker, who also believe the cloak and dagger.

    This belief in the cloak and dagger accentuates fancy play syndrome. Fancy play syndrome is when you start to make moves where none are warranted. In fact if you want to be a truly great Betfair poker online player, then you need to do the basics well and often. A good example is slow playing your big hands and fast playing your bluffs. This is a really unbalanced way of playing, and far too fancy for its own good.

    The basic premise of poker is to get value from your strongest hands. To do this you must bet and so checking to induce a bluff, although it may work on occasion, is often the incorrect strategy. So what if you have smashed top set of aces on a Ad 8h 9c board. What if your opponent does have the case ace and will stack off? What if he has Jc Th and you give him a free card?

    Next time you are in the game and you hit the board hard, then move like Speedy Gonzalez with boxing gloves ??? play them hard and play them fast.

    Posted by KCasey at 2012-04-24 09:37:30

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