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  1. 2012-04-27 08:27:15

    Seidel Drops Out of GPI Top Ten

    Each year one-poker player manages to find that elusive elixir containing the right balance of skill and luck, which takes him or her on a heater of a lifetime. In 2011, the man who found and drunk that bottle was one Erik Seidel. The former Stocks Trader and Backgammon player from New York managed to win an astonishing $6,530,153 in a single year. The win catapulted his all-time earnings to $16,885,167 meaning nobody on the planet had ever won more whilst playing live tournament poker.

    During a recent interview Seidel admitted that just prior to 2011 he was considering quitting the game. He was unsure whether or not he could keep pace with the younger generation. Then came his rush of a lifetime and maybe he had answered his own internal critic. But as 2012 started it became obvious that Erik Seidel???s mind was still contemplating a form of semi-retirement. His omission on the world circuit was noticed by the poker world and as we draw into the long hard summer of Las Vegas, Seidel has not yet cashed once in 2012.

    Seidel?s absence from the game means he has dropped out of the Global Poker Index Top Twenty for the first time ever. Jason Mercier still remains in the top spot while Seidel plummeted into 23rd place. Newcomers into the GPI this month are online sensation Adam ???Roothlus? Levy, Tom Middleton and Lucien Cohen. The biggest riser is Irish Open winner Kevin Vandersmissen while at the other end of the scale Sean Getzwiller drops 129 places ??? more than anyone else this month.

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