Decision Making in Life and Poker

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  1. 2009-01-04 22:17:16

    Cadillac Poker

    I have never made it very far in this tournament but I do like it! A decent pot and some VERY GOOD food! The optional Tri-Tip dinner is tender and delicious. You just have to make it to the break though, so you do not have to wait around for the food. I have played twice and both times I have busted out just after break. I was fat and happy though!

    This tournament has a good host, great food and a decent payout and is held the first Saturday of each month in Morgan Hill. You have to know someone to get invited.

    $35 Buy-In (for $5,000 in chips) with the option to double Buy-In (for $10,000 in chips)
    Get there early and get an additional $1,000 in chips for each Buy-In (single or double)
    $50 Optional Re-Buys for the first hour and a half (for $5,000 in chips)
    $50 Optional Add-on just before break (for $10,000 in chips)

    Side note: I pushed with pocket 10's (not 5's this time) and guess what? Yes, I ran into pocket aces again! I was sent packing at 39th place out of 62.

    There was a good PokerSoup presence! It would be good to all make the final table some time ;)


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  2. 2008-12-23 08:22:10

    Ok, so heres one about decision making. Kind of...

    I have not made any extremely good or bad decisions on or off the felt lately (none that I care to confess to at least) ;). However, I figured I should write a little about something concerning decision making in Life and Poker since I thought it was a good topic/title for my blog back when I started it. I should probably rant more as well! First things first.

    I did play a one table tournament and made the horrible decision to unnecessarily go all in with pocket 5's and ran straight into Alexis' pocket Aces. Needless to say I lost. That was a BAD decision.

    Not getting a Wii LAST week. Another BAD decision.

    Upgrading my Comcast regular box to DVR a couple weeks ago? GOOD decision! Poker After Dark records for me each night and I can watch it at will.

    I all ready had it but "On Demand" rocks too! All of season 3 of Dexter and season 2 of Californication at your finger tips!

    Poker is a game about decision making. Without poker each person makes an extraordinary number of decisions per day. Add poker to that equation and I can only imagine the number!

    Ok, that is it for now. I have been all over the map but there it is!

    Have you been making good decisions in life and poker? Do so and both your bankroll and life MAY be better than average!

    More to be revealed!


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  3. 2008-06-09 00:29:29

    Poker Stars WSOP Freeroll

    After quite a battle I made it into the top 50 of the Poker Stars WSOP Freeroll!!! I was almost blinded out! Yahoo! Wish me luck next week in the Final!

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  4. 2008-05-27 21:10:12

    $150 Plus $20 Memorial Day Chop Fest


    I finally have something to blog about and it both gripes my ass and I understand it all at the same time. I made it to the final table of one of the only big tournaments at the Oceanview Cardroom. We chisel it down to five players and the small stack doubles up a few times instead of getting knocked out as we all hoped for ;)

    A few hands after small stack is almost tied up with the rest of us he calls for a CHOP (he has to go to work). Everyone is happy to chop but me. I was the only hold out. I had great momentum and felt good about taking it down. Everyone kept wanting to chop it so I gave in and gave them one more round hoping two of them (us) would get good hands and battle. We were all in the money and I was happy to go broke and bust out at 5th. No one else seemed to be as willing as I though. Anyways, in that last round I got a couple goods hands and made some chips then got pocket aces and called, then made the min bet and everyone folded. The round ended anti climatically and everyone (all 5 of us) walked away with $881. I tipped the dealers $100 and walked away with $781. I was happy but just wanted to play for first!

    Whew, I got that out of my system!

    Glad we all walked away with dough though!

    Happy Memorial Day! Support Our Troops!

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