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  1. 2009-01-04 22:17:16

    Cadillac Poker

    I have never made it very far in this tournament but I do like it! A decent pot and some VERY GOOD food! The optional Tri-Tip dinner is tender and delicious. You just have to make it to the break though, so you do not have to wait around for the food. I have played twice and both times I have busted out just after break. I was fat and happy though!

    This tournament has a good host, great food and a decent payout and is held the first Saturday of each month in Morgan Hill. You have to know someone to get invited.

    $35 Buy-In (for $5,000 in chips) with the option to double Buy-In (for $10,000 in chips)
    Get there early and get an additional $1,000 in chips for each Buy-In (single or double)
    $50 Optional Re-Buys for the first hour and a half (for $5,000 in chips)
    $50 Optional Add-on just before break (for $10,000 in chips)

    Side note: I pushed with pocket 10's (not 5's this time) and guess what? Yes, I ran into pocket aces again! I was sent packing at 39th place out of 62.

    There was a good PokerSoup presence! It would be good to all make the final table some time ;)


    Posted by AceOfJames at 2009-01-04 22:17:16

Comments on “Cadillac Poker”

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    • As far as the rebuys went at Cadillac, I thought it was ok. Dumb players took chances and kept rebuying. This was in favor of the smart players ;)

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    • Speaking of March...

      March 15th - 20th is the Bay 101 Shooting Star as most of you already know! I am getting into one of those tournies this year for sure!

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    • tought luck, james. you seem to have a knack for running into aces :( i haven't been to cadillac, but i keep hearing good things (assuming you like crazy rebuy action) so i think i'll have to try one of these days. good to hear that a lot of pokersoupers were there. let's take it down next time! i just checked my calendar and don't think i can make it in february, but i saved the day for march. woo!

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    • I agree James, this was a good tournament! We were hoping Pokersoup would take it down...maybe next time.